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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving on… and why I hate the Olympics.

Moving on is not always easy to do, and it certainly doesn’t help when you do not have long to adjust to it.

Over the weekend I was given notice by my landlord to leave my property of two years so that he can rent it out over the Olympics. The cheeky bit was that he backdated the notice by a month. It was the latest in a catalogue of events that drained me from even trying to argue it.
But after a weekend of visiting estate agents I realised how rife the problem was and that I am not the only one in this position.

Unfortunately I live quite close to the Olympic site, and therefore a prime location, in many landlord’s minds, for visitors to want to stay. The problem is, according to the landlords I met with anyway, that if visitors can afford to come to London, and have the money to buy tickets for events – and many of these will no doubt be corporate types – why would they be renting out a terraced house and not a hotel, or a block of apartments?

According to them the landlords are being greedy and overcharging on the rent in the hope of making a quick bob, but many of these houses will be left empty.

And they said they have seen many people in the same position as me, and it will only get worse in the run up to the Games.

So although I am curious to see what the Olympics will bring, I am not happy with the effects it will have on everyday Londoners – i.e being made homeless, and how it will affect transport links.

As it happens, I did manage to find another place to live, and by a stroke of luck it is also two streets away from where my cousin lives. It is not ideal as it is in a shared house and I would prefer my own place, but it will do for now.

Let the packing commence!


  1. How awful! This is the first I had heard of this! I’m glad you have found somewhere new. Hope the move isn’t any more stressful x

  2. That is awful of your landlord. At least you have somewhere and can look again after all the rubbish is over!

  3. Thank you girls! I was really annoyed at the time, but something good has come out of it, and the area we have moved to is really peaceful and nicer than where we were. Part one of the move happened last night, and we are hoping to complete it tonight, so no more horrible landlord!


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