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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MAC contour brush

Confession - I am new to contouring. Never had I ventured near a contour brush until I got this one from MAC. I know some people love contouring, and some go without, and although I had tried it with other brushes, it wasn't the same as when I tried it with this one.

The 168 brush is a fluffy brush with a big rounded top that is easy to work with. It picks product up easily, but it can easily be tapped off if too much is applied.

I started off with a light amount and worked more along my cheekbone to build up a natural-looking contour. No one wants a bruised looking cheek - so go easy with the product!
I have naturally round (read - 'round') cheeks so a contour was welcome to give a bit of definition.

I admit I probably won't contour for everyday make-up, but it has definitely made it into my make-up bag for when I have a bit more time and want to make a bit more of an effort.


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