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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week review #6

Hello all, I hope you have had a good week. I spent most of mine in bed with the flu. But I did manage to recover by the end of the week thankfully.

During the week I attended the MUA Cosmetics event to mark their collaboration with Love Hearts in time for Valentines' Day. And what a way to mark it! The event was lovely, and I had lots of lovely samples to try out, which I have over the weekend. I wanted to get the full use out of them before I posted my reviews, which are sure to follow this week. Some of the new collection is already available, and the limited edition lipbalms are definitely my favourite. Check them out if you haven't already.

This weekend was the first of my hen weekends. I originally had one big one planned, but had to change my plans as it didn't work out. But instead I have four separate ones planned! Can't really complain about that! This weekend was in Manchester, and probably the most fun I have had in ages and made me realise how much I love and appreciate my friends. x

On Saturday I received my new Moo cards! I have never had business cards other than for work, so this seems like a bit of a luxury. I went for the smaller mini cards, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but seem a bit too small now. I have 100 to get through so think I will be giving them to everyone so I can justify getting the bigger ones next time! Will post pictures of them this week.

I have managed to get five invites to parties and shows at London Fashion Week and I am very excited! It may be my first and last one, so I wanted to make the most of it while I could. What does one wear to fashion week?! Ideas appreciated below.

My dad made the yummiest banana and chocolate chip muffins today. He wanted to try something out in the new oven in our new kitchen we have just had built at my parents' house. The muffins were gorgeous! Didn't know my dad could make them, and I must nick the recipe.

And lastly, this week has had many ups and downs, but it has made me realise that you must appreciate what you have and live in the here and now. Planning too far ahead in the future is nice, but not always possible, and pray to God for everything to work out.


  1. Hope everything is ok with you based on that last paragraph
    Lucky you for the LFW invites, will be so much fun….I look forward to reading about it and also glad to know you had a good hen weekend! x

  2. Thank you. But nervous about LFW, hopefully it will go ok.
    I published before finishing that last par. Meant to say it's not in relation to me, but has made me appreciate things a bit more. Will tell you when I see you. x


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