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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week Review #3

On Wednesday Asif and I did some wedding planning and shopping in Southall. I got measured and fitted for one of my wedding outfits. He checked out his outfit, we looked for a traditional Asian hat to go with it, looked at wedding invites, other outfits, and then had dinner at Mirch Masala. We had aloo keema and butter chicken, and it was lovely. That is probably one of our favourite places to eat out in Southall.  
In the evening I headed over to Mayfair for a beauty event with Macdonald Hotels and Decleor. They were launching a new spa experience, and we had a chance to trial it. It was a lovely event, and I had a goodie bag full of lovely beauty products to take home. The post should be going up this week.

On Saturday I headed on over to the V&A museum on recommendation from Ayshe from Discovering Beauty and Bettina from BeautySwot. And what a recommendation it was! I can't believe in the time I have been in London I haven't visited any museums. I had a fab time, and will definitely go back to have a look at some more of the collections. The post on this will follow soon too.

And finally, today I met up with the lovely Ayshe, from Discovering Beauty. I wanted to have a look around Notting Hill and Portabello Market for my London project and she was kind enough to show me around. We did some window shopping and had a good catch up. It was lovely seeing her! We had a look around the markets and some of the trinket stalls, and then stopped for dinner at Itsu and had a good chat. The sushi was lovely, and although the heavens looked like they were going to open, the weather thankfully held up.


  1. It was! I really enjoyed it. And have my Portabello Road post and pictures to go up later this week. A very busy but enjoyable weekend indeed!


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