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Monday, January 16, 2012

Week review #2

Last week was busy, tiring and long. Without being too moany I didn't have much time for anything apart from work. It is a comple of weeks of harder work than usual. The rest of my time has been taken up with sorting out my product review drawer and playing with my new camera. I got a Canon 500D before Christmas and I am still working out how to use it, how to take the best close-up shots etc. Any tips guys drop them below. I am quite enjoying reviewing products more than usual, but need to explore outfit posts a little more. Let me know what kind of things you guys prefer.
Me and Asif went to La Tasca. I love tapas food and we had lots of calamari, white fish, vegetable paella, potatas bravas, and their gorgeous salad. Yum!

The weekend was consumed with wedding planning yet again. I am a reluctant planner and would rather just turn up on the day then take delight in organising it. Nevertheless, invitations, although a tad on the late side, were chosen, sample ordered, and awaiting to see what they look like.

Elsewhere, I have been planning my hen weekend. My first choice of venue did not work out, as what I was told would be exclusive accommodation for my group with a separate lounge hasn't turned out that way. I spent most of the weekend trying to find alternative accommodation for 20 people for less than a month away. Anyway, it is exactly what I would like, and I have loads of ideas planned, I just hope it is accessible enough for everyone in my group, and not too difficult to get to. And I hope it doesn't rain that weekend. Please pray it doesn't rain!!! I will let you know what it is and where it is next week if and when I get it booked.

My weekly review is a little late this week as I have been so busy with planning over the weekend, but let me know how your week was last week, and what ideas you have for hen weekends. I am open for ideas!!


  1. oooh what are you planning for your hen do?? oh btw I did look back at the wedding invite pics I got from a friend but then I realised that you will be having a muslim wedding and all my invites are for hindu weddings! doh!

  2. Well I have it reserved today so I guess I can say. We are not going out drinking, as me being Muslim I don't drink, so lots of fun for everyone else, not much fun for me.
    We will hopefully be doing an adventure weekend near the edge of Snowdon National Park! Ha ha! My girls will love that one when they see it. I'm up for all sorts, and have booked a bunkhouse exclusively for us girls! I know a few in the group are adventurous and will be up for it, so we will see. And we have an acre of land to ourselves, with a river running through it. ALL OUR OWN! Very excited. So please pray it is nice weather!

    Not to worry about invites. I ended up choosing a Sikh design and adapting it with Muslim verses. Just waiting to see how it turns out! x

  3. so sorry for the late reply I only just saw this! Oh my gosh that sounds freaking AWESOME!!! An whole acre of land and ur own river..holy shiz!! Im sure that even the less adventurous ones wont be able to help but join in and will end up loving it! Action adventure during the day and girly slumber party at night! Sounds so great!

  4. No worries. It does sound good doesn't it! That is definitely the plan. Hopefully if there is good weather we can get out and about and make the most of our surroundings.

  5. lol I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


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