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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week review #04

A little late, but I planned to put this up on Sunday and Asif was ill and then last night I was at #Zomgbloggersbash, so here it is!
A sneak of the outfit I wore to #Zomgbloggersbash
Work was hectic but good the last week. I felt it was really worthwhile and I got lots done. After an annual review I feel much clearer about what I want to do at work and what to concentrate on. Previous reviews haven't been so useful at other jobs I was at, so felt this one was really good.
Had a bit of a shopping spree last week. It was my first time shopping in absolutely ages! It's hard work saving for a wedding, and trying to put money away, but managed to sneak myself a couple of lovely outfits and accessories. One of them was for an event last night.
A card I made at the #Zomgblggersbash. Not brilliant, but in my defence I was gossiping away and not really concentrating.
Speaking of which... I went to the #ZOMGBLOGGERSBASH for the launch of a new lipstick collaboration between Rockalily London Lipstick and The London Lipgloss. It was very exciting!I wore my new red and cream polka dot dress for it. I took loads of pictures and will hopefully put some up in the next couple of days.

This week I have a possible couple of events to attend and another couple of 'A day out in London...' posts with lots of nice pictures for you to peruse. Let me know how your week is going so far.

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  1. Great to have met you, love the dress and your card. It was a great night. x


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