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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Soap and Glory gift set

Now I know a few of you may have got this as a Christmas pressie, and what a gift to receive, but I wanted to blog about it anyway. Just before Christmas I spotted this ginormous gift set from Soap and Glory in Boots priced at £60. Nice set, but a bit steep for me. Then I heard the shop assistant telling the customer to hold off a few days and to come back as it was going on sale for £25!!!! Bargain I thought, and I came back on the said day and nabbed one for myself as a gift. Why not? I like treating myself.

I'm a bit slow on the uptake but apparently Soap and Glory put one of their big gift sets on sale every year for a week right before Christmas. I know I will be watching out for it next year. I am pretty new to Soap and Glory, and the only things I have bought are an eyeshadow primer (which will be blogged) and the hand cream from this set - which I love and recommend. But I am looking forward to trying the other goodies and pampering myself. 

Here are a few pics from the set.

Reviews will follow once I have tried them all out. Did you get the same gift set? If you did, or have tried any of the products let me know what you think of them and what your favourite ones are.


  1. Such a bargain! I love Soap & Glory, one of the best brands out there at the moment, in love with hand food. I didn't manage to get any of the good stuff from the Boots sale, was late to the party as usual :( xo

  2. oh I saw this to but I was too late getting it! Its such a good deal! I have Sexy Mother Pucker in a peachy colour is awesome and I love and Clean on Me too!

  3. Halima - Saved so much money by getting it in the offer! A good chance to try loads of the products out and catch up on the Soap and Glory lovin'. They were snapped up pretty quickly though.

    Cherry Lane - I do like the Sexy Mother Pucker. I might try it out tomorrow. And I love the body spray too. Smells gorgeous!

  4. I have this too i havent blogged about it yet but im going to as it was such a good buy i also treated myself to it . Im still using last years set thou!

  5. I bought a similar set for myself last year! They're such great value for money, soap and glory products are fab


  6. Joanna - you definitely should! Would love to see others' opinions of the same gift set. It's great to treat yourself isn't it?!

    Eloise - I agree they are good value for money. Now that I know they do them evrey year I will be looking out for them next time.

  7. I've tried the clean on me shower cream and it's smells amazing :) What a lovely bargain for £25! Looking forward to reading your reviews on the different products! x

  8. Hi Caroline - thanks for this! The shower cream does smell good. I am looking forward to trying them all, hopefully this weekend. I have used the lipgloss and it is gorgeous! x

  9. I got it, I got it I got it!! :D So happy as I missed out last year. Can't wait to get trying! Already a loyal follower of the Hand Food :D

    Love Aysh xoxo

  10. Yay Hi5 Aysh! There were only a few left in Westfield when I got mine so was glad I got it when I did. I already had the Hand food, but liking the other stuff too. What is your favourite so far? Any surprises?


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