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Monday, January 2, 2012

Review: Soap and Glory It's About Prime eyeshadow base

The week before Christmas was my work party and I wanted to do a smoky eye look. Now I have some great eyeshadows, but noticed they have almost zero staying power all night, and to be frank look rubbish without a base. I used my cousin's base while I was in Canada, and one of my MAC eyeshadows I was ready to throw out suddenly became my favourite one in my collection. It looked WOW! If you haven't already got one a primer should definitely get one in your collection if your eye make-up slides off durinng the day/night.

So I set about getting my own once back in England. Soap and Glory brought out a new make-up range last year, and although I haven't tried out anything from their range, I wanted to try their primer It's About Prime. The range has two variations - Bright Light - a kind of frosty white primer, and Smokey Eye Primer, which I went for, and is more of a grey shimmery colour. This is the one recommended for more darker eyeshadow looks and picks up the colour nicely.
I applied it on my eyelids, patted it in to even it out, and left it for the recommended 30 seconds before applying eyeshadow. The primer came out as a cream, but once patted into the eyelid looked quite matte, and dry.
All in all I think it was a good base, but I had to build up the colour slowly. Some eyeshadows took a while to show up, while others came out nicely, so I guess it depends on what brand and type of eyeshadows you use.

It's a good base and I do like it, but will still be looking for another one that is creamier and eyeshadow sticks to a little more easily. 
Top one - Primer. Bottom one - Primer patted into skin.

If you have tried this one let me know what you think, and if you have one you recommend drop your suggestions in the box below.


  1. ooooh how cool! First time I've seen different primers for dark and light makeup! I've got the ELF Mineral Eyeshadow primer (£3) which is sheer...I think is realy good and keeps my eyemakeup in place all day...its the only one I've tried so dont know how it compares to others out there

  2. I love soap and glory, never seen primers like this. I tend to just use one for my whole face and eyes...may give this a try!

    Danni x

  3. I've been starting to hear a lot about that brand. Though, for eye primer, I'm faithful to MAC and also Makeup Forever. They're amazing!

    Fashion Translated

  4. @Cherry Lane - It's the first time I had seen different ones too! I think it is an interesting idea, but would be more cost effective to just buy one of the type you would use the most. I will have to look out for the Elf ones.

    @Danni - I have been ont he lookout for a primer for ages, but couldn't find one in the highstreet shops. I don't use one for all my face, but think I will probably try one now after using this. Which one do you use?

    @Fashion Translated - the brand is popping up all over the place so it is worth checking out. But I haven't tried all their cosmetics so don't know what they are like. I will check out your recommendations though, still need to test some more out. x

  5. This looks great, and I'm intrigued that it is a primer with its own colour - I totally swear by my flesh toned version from Lime Crime!

  6. I currently use the Witch one as have been prone to a few breakouts lately, and actually find it very good, plus it's cheap!

    Before this I used l'oreal studio secrets primer which I would definitely recommend.

    Danni x

  7. @Rachel - I was fascinated too! You just have to make sure to go over all the primer with your eyeshadow to cover it though or you will have a bit of grey shimmer peeping through.

    @Danni - Didn't realise Witch did one. Will have to have a look as I am now more prone to breakouts post Christmas. x


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