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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: Soap and Glory Clean On Me body wash

Just before Christmas I bought myself a Soap and Glory gift set, because lets face it if you are buying Christmas presents for others you really should treat yourself too. I promised you a review of the individual products and I can tell you I have been having a ball! I am new to the whole Soap and Glory range, and only had the Hand Food and a couple of face washes before the gift set, so I was looking forward to trying the others out. Today I will share with you my thoughts on the Clean On Me bodywash, and boy have I enjoyed this one!
I love products that double up, and this one gets points for the built-in body lotion. My first thoughts on using it were how luxurious it felt and how moisturising it was. The info on the bottle recommends turning the shower off while you rub it on, so it doesn't all wash down the drain, adding to the idea how luxurious and precious it is. It comes out as a thick cream, and although not as foamy as a gel wash it does lather well. It feels more like a body lotion in the shower than a wash.
The cream has mandarin peel extract in it, and although it has a slight fruity smell to it, I wouldn't say it was an obvious orange scent. It smelled more flowery to me, almost with a hint of rose to it. Regardless of this I could still smell it on my skin later, so this is another positive.
Plus points for the product are the retro packaging as it makes it stand out, and the nozzle pump. I don't have this on any of my shower creams/ washes, and can be tempted to overuse products. But with the nozzle pump I was conscious of how much I was using and didn't want to waste it.

This retails at £5.11 for 500ml from Boots. Have you tried Clean On Me? Would love to hear your thoughts if you have.



  1. I have this in my shower and I am half way through already! it's amazing. All soap and glory products are fantastic and worth paying the money for! :)
    I showered at 11 and I can still smell it on me!
    it's now 16.15pm.

    It works people!

    Tales From A Biker Jacket

  2. I love this stuff too! It's heavenly!

  3. @Amy - I absolutely love it! The products are reasonable prices for what you get, and I think this one is lovely. Trying not to use it too quickly though!

    @LucyyLou - You're right, it is heavenly!

  4. Ive used it before and loved it :)
    All Soap and Glory products are perfect in my eyes xx

  5. They are gorgeous arn't they?! I am looking forward to trying out the rest from my gift set.


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