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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: Macdonald Spa and Decléor new treatment

Last week I went down to central London to the launch to try out a new spa experience. Macdonald Hotels will be rolling out the new Paradise Escape treatment with Decléor in 24 of its spas across the country from February.
Last week a handful of us had a chance to see what was on offer. The treatment, we were told, was the most decadent and luxurious experience on offer at the spas. And it wasn't difficult to see why. Oils, balms, and scrubs are drizzled, smoothed, massaged and buffed against the skin for the ultimate spa experience.
Decléor was given free reign to come up with an exciting new treatment and didn't disappoint. It includes a full body exfoliation using seeds from a Madagascan fruit boabab. The fruit has six times as much vitamin C as an orange and helps rejuvenate the skin. And when I tried it against my skin it really did hydrate my dry winter skin.
After the exfoliation comes a massage using warm balms over the legs and back, and sink into the skin with the help of a massage tool, the acacia massager. Firstly the scrub was lovely and fruity, without scratching the skin, but you could feel the grains working into the skin. The balms, although solid in the tub, once put onto the skin just melted in almost like an oil. They were lovely and so moisturising. I also sampled the massager, which was surprisingly relaxing. When the therapists used it on the lady above it looked like they were pressing really hard into her skin, but when I had a sample of it, because of its big rounded head it didn't hurt at all, but was quite soothing.
The treatment is completed with a facial massage using an orange blossom elixir and another massage of the body.
We had a chance to try out all the products that can be used with this, and even had lovely hand and arm massages to see the effects of them. I came out of there absolutely glowing and felt like it really did hydrate my skin.
The whole experience costs £110 from Monday to Thursday, and £115 from Fridays to Sundays. Considering what you get with the treatment it seems like a good price. I will definitely be booking myself in for a treatment to get the full experience.


  1. wow! seems like you got the start treatment!! How did you get invited to one of these events? I want to come! lol

    p.s. I love baobab tree's! they're so pretty and weird looking lol I saw them in malawi

  2. It was really good. I didn't have the full treatment, but sampled some of it, and would definitely go back for the full treatment.
    The company got in touch with me about the event.
    I will have to look up what baobab's look like, but the scrub did smell gorgeous!

  3. sounds great, I might check it out myself! So cool that they just asked you to come along...hmm I have to think of a way to get myself out there more lol

  4. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

    Ana V

  5. @Cherry Lane - I might book myself in for a treatment as a pre-wedding treat. I need all the help to relax that I can get!

    @AnaV - thank you for the compliment, and for following. x


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