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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Dr Bronner lipbalms

I have heard of Dr Bronners liquid soap and 18-in-1 range, but didn't know they had lipbalms* also. I couldn't wait to try them out when I found out! They have the same multi-purpose use as the 18-in-1 range, but come in a handy stick form. I went for the orange and ginger one first, mainly because I thought it had the prettiest packaging, and because I thought the flavours were quite festive as I was trying it out over Christmas. I am a big fan of ginger anyway, so I loved this one, but I didn't find the orange was very obvious. I think the ginger was the stronger scent of the two. Overall the lipbalm was lovely, but only if you like ginger like me. 
Second up was the green lipbalm - lemon and lime. I liked the packaging of this one too because it is simple but still looks good. It has a lovely citrus scent, which smelled fresh. I think the lime smell was stronger than the lemon, though both are quite similar and complement each other. The balm was moisturising and lasted for ages, in fact I am wearing it today and have not had to reapply since first thing this morning.
And lastly I tried peppermint balm. Now this one is cute purely for the fact it is in a tin which slides open. I like packaging that looks a little different. My assumption was that with it being peppermint it would make my lips tingly like when you use toothpaste, but on the contrary, there was a little tingle, but it wasn't uncomfortable. I slathered it on my lips, and there was a hint of a peppermint smell, but it wasn't overpowering in any way. The smell for this one wasn't as strong as the others, but all three do the job it says on the tin - or stick - and are moiosturising. The tin has the benefit it can be used on dry skin and on tattoos, so is price saving as you can use it for multiple uses.

Overall these were good products. I liked how moisturising they were, and I like the multi-use quality of the last one. The smells were gorgeous in their own way. My favourite to have on my desk in work is probably the lemon and lime, and in my bag the peppermint one. I have kept the ginger one to use at home.

If you have tried these let me know what you thought of them.

*All three samples were sent to me for consideration and review. Thank you to the lovely Lucy at The Spa PR Company for these samples!


  1. The pepermint one looks so cute! and I love the small of mint too! i can almost smell it now! lol

  2. Ha ha! It does smell really nice and I need a good lipbalm. Winter is really killing my lips!

  3. I haven't tried these but they look cute, I'm going to give them a go x


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