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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New blog layout

Miss Stylicious has had a revamp! What do you think of it? I was a little tired of the old design and wanted to give the blog a facelift, but as my knowledge about html and coding is limited and I have very little patience I wasn't getting anywhere fast.

I heard that Faye, who was a fab fashion blogger, has now turned her passion - blog design into a business. Faye is lovely, and I have met her a couple of times at events. I know she knows her stuff, and really wanted her to do my design. I admit I didn't give her the easiest task and went to her armed with a list of changes I wanted to make. And Faye being the professional she is did it all to a T. I did change my mind half-way and went for a totally different idea - and you know what? She knew exactly what I wanted and how to do it!

A big thumbs up to Faye for being patient with me and revamping my blog exactly how I wanted!

I would definitely recommend her if you are thinking of a blog redesign. If you would like to get in touch with Faye her Twitter is here and her blog is here.


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