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Saturday, January 7, 2012

MUA eyeshadow haul

Last week in my lunch hour I popped over to Superdrug for something to cheer me up with as it seemed like I was the only one in work between Christmas and New Year's. Depressing I assure you, but makeup is always guaranteed to cheer me up. I came across these little gems while I was browsing.
I have recently discovered the MUA range from Superdrug and love it! I want it all! Especially as most of it is only £1 each. Even better, each of the strips of three were reduced to 49p each! Bargain if ever I saw one.
The colours below from left to right are: Shade 4, 9 and 13.
The colours below left to right are: Shade 17, 5, 6 and 7. Do you have any of these shades? And what do you think of the MUA eyeshadows?


  1. Oh yes, this brand is super cheap isn't it? I've always wondered if they're any good- you definitely grabbed a bargain with that set of eyeshadows!

  2. woah three eyeshadows for 49p!! That is ridiculously amazing!! You cant even buy a can of coke for 49p these days! Good job girl!

  3. The dark purple is lovely, bet it looks gorgeous on.

    Marie x

  4. I really like the packaging and they have nice colors! xoxoxo

  5. @Winnie - I love how cheap it is! But good quality at the same time. Defo a good bargain!

    @Cherry Lane - I know! So pleased I nabbed that one. Ha ha! Totally cheaper than Coke!

    @Mary - I really like the dark purple one blended with the other two purples to make a smoky eye. And I used a bit of it smudged as an eyeliner also, which I thought worked quite well with the other purples.

    @Fashion Cappuccino - I like the packaging too. I like that it is fuss free, and classic black, without any gimmicks.


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