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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A day out in London - Part 3

Yesterday I went into central London, and being at a loose end went to the V&A museum on the recommendation of Ayshe from Discovering Beauty and Bettina from Beauty Swot. Can you believe I have been in London for 18 months and not been to any museums?! Well I took the day out as a perfect opportunity to take some more pictures for my London project, which is about me rediscovering London. You can see part one and part two by clicking on the links.
I stopped off at South Kensington underground station and went through the underground subway that leads to the different museums. Once inside we went exploring and taking pictures of all the different artifacts. Note: you are allowed to take pictures of most of the artifacts, but best to check as I don't think they allow pictures in the jewellery section.
I was fascinated by the Islamic art and clligraphy. I loved the designs there. We started off looking at Mughal art and jewellery, like the pieces seen above and below. We also saw some artwork from Turkey and Iran.
The top spoon is made from gold, and encrusted in emeralds, diamonds and rubies, and dates from the 1600s.
Above is a Tahveez, a religious pendant worn by Shah Jahan, a Mughal king. And below, my favourite, is a thumb ring worn in the first half of the 17th Century, during Mughal times, and is made of gold, rubies and emeralds. Gorgeous! I wouldn't mind one of these.
After this we had a look at art from China and Japan. The Samurai swords were cool and there were loads of masks and suits of armour.
Here are a few more pictures from my visit, and me messing around on one of the bikes parked outside.

We didn't get a chance to have a look around all of it, but next time will definitely check out the jewellery section, and the fashion section is due to open in the spring.
Have you been to the V&A? And if you have what do you recommend for me to see next time?


  1. Not been to V&A. Think I may pop down when I'm in London next month.

    Can' believe the taweez belongs to Shah Jahan, seeing things like that makes me a little sad as to why it's ended up in a mueseum in Britain when it could be in India? During my visit to Delhi and Agra, there is hardly anything left of the Mughals, it's a shame to see some of their precious artifacts in another country.. x

  2. The theatre and costume section is really fun to look round! x

  3. I love your London posts. I've been here for nearly two years in London and I really need to get off my backside and start seeing what London has to offer.

    Thanks for sharing :) x

  4. @Halima - you really should get down there. Maybe wait until the fashion section is back up and running. It is meant to be really good. Can't wait for it!
    There were a lot of things there that belonged to Shah Jahan. I couldn't believe it. I'm not sure where it was on loan from or who it belongs to though.

    @Caroline - I am looking forward to seeing that soon. I took a couple of pictures of some outfits in the new artifacts section that I will put in a separate post, but looking forward to seeing more.

    @Pyari Beauty - thank you! You should definitely have a look around. I have been here for so long and forgot why I was so excited to move to London in the first place. Doing this project is making me fall in love with London all over again. x

  5. V&A is awesome and inspirational! Havent been there for a while though...I might take your advice and go there one the fashion section is back up and running :-)

  6. It was first time I had been, but it is so big I could never get around it in one go. I want to go see the fashion section when it is open again. If you are going let me know and we could go down together if you want. x

  7. yeah sounds good! My sis lives in london so I'll arrange a weekend with her to come down :-)


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