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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A day out in London - part 2

Last week me and Asif ventured into Canary Wharf. I wanted to test out my camera, and it was part of my personal project to rediscover London. Part 1 of my project can be seen by clicking on the link. The aim is to take pictures in and around the area I live, and rediscover some of the touristy places I haven't seen since I moved here 18 months ago.
So on this particular day we decided to go to Canary Wharf, a particular favourite of mine. Asif used to work there, and we often went out in Canary Wharf for dinner after work. I especially love the skyline at night time as it is one of the most iconic images of London.
We took the DLR to Canary Wharf and had a walk around some of the big banking buildings, tried out my camera and these pictures of us were from me testing out the lenses.
It was eerie quiet with it being a weekend and hardly and workers around. We seemed to be the only people wandering around the buildings. That and the odd police car we passed.
We went to the Canary Wharf shopping centre, and then took the DLR to Island Gardens. I had never been here before and was keen to have a look around. Unfortunately we left it a bit late in the day to have a look in Mudchute Farm, or Greenwich Market and it was getting dark, but we had a look around the gardens and I got some pictures of Canary Wharf from afar. If you are ever in the area have a look down there, despite being so close to the financial quarter it is a little quiet haven in itself and lovely to walk around.
After our walk we stopped off at West India Quay, probably one of my favourite places to walk around and wander, especially because of the bridge. We got some dinner at the nearby La Tasca, which was lovely, and then had a walk around before heading home.
Have you been to this area before? Link me to any pictures you have taken in the area as I am always interested in looking at other people's pictures too!


  1. I used to live near Canary Wharf and seeing your pictures reminds me of just how beautiful it looks in winter time x

  2. Thank you. I love it at night time, the lights look so beautiful. I am not done with it yet and plan to go back to get some more pictures at night. Where do you suggest I get some more from?

  3. if you go to the south side of london bridge there is a pedestrian area where there is a strada (E1W 1AA) and other can get a reeeeeallly good shot of the london bridge from there...its so pretty and romantic when there's no one around! lol

  4. OK, I will check that bit out, sounds like a good idea! I was actually going to go to London Bridge tonight, but finished work too late. Will definitely go down there at night and take some pictures with the lights before the evenings get too light.

  5. sounds good, I hope you like it x


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