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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A day out in London - part 1

I have been living in London for 18 months now and wanted to take some time out to rediscover it. I feel if you have lived in a place for a while you forget your initial excitement and stop going to the 'gems' you once loved. I have made it my mission to go around over all the main London landmarks, or places and test out my new camera over the next few weeks.
A collage of shoes from the Kurt Geiger window in Covent Garden
In part one of this 'mission' I went to Harrods and Covent Garden last week. Admittedly I didn't get there until quite late and it was dark, so the best I could do was try out the flash on my camera, but I still took a few pictures. Harrods was buzzing with its sale, which I have never been to before. The perfume section was wall-to-wall with shoppers, and assistants were almost glued to the walls clutching perfume bottles with a terrified look on their faces. I was amused, and the bargains were pretty good. But I am trying to curb my spending and didn't treat myself to anything this time. Anyway, here are a few pictures from my day. Let me know what your favourite place to go shopping in London is.

Covent Garden's indoor Apple Market



  1. aw I love it!!! I love seeing pics of different cities!! And even though I've been to London a million times there's just so much to see that I barely touched the surface! Your pics are so great esp the shiny Harrods! Seeing all these fancy pics on blogs is making me want to get a decent camera more and more...what cam did u get?

  2. @Cherry Lane - I love seeing where people live and their holiday snaps too! Thank you, I am using a Canon 500D at the moment, and still working it out. I had the same digital camera for about five years, and got the most out of it, but dropped it and it wouldn't stop vibrating, so had to change cameras. I think most digital cameras are sufficient, you don't need a fancy camera, but it does improve the quality of the pics. x

  3. gorgeous pictures :) I have only been to London a couple of times and forget how beautiful it really looks when forget about the madness and rushing around. xx

  4. Thank you! Next time you go you should look at the more undiscovered places. I love finding new places every time I go exploring, rather than the obvious tourist spots, as much as I love them too!


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