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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday round-up

I have had a bit of a hectic week at work, so was glad when the weekend finally came. Yesterday me and Asif went shopping in Green Street to look for some wedding stuff. In the evening I made chicken biryani, which I must say was gorgeous because I have been perfecting it. Unfortunately I sliced my finger while chopping onions, which wasn't too much fun. I have never seen so much blood. Wasn't sure how to stop the blood actually so kept it under cold running water, but I'm sure that's if you have burnt yourself, and then stuck a plaster on it to help glue it together. I know that's not technical but it seemed to do the job.

Earlier this week it was Asif's birthday. We went to Maedah Grill in Whitechapel for some authentic Turkish food with some friends. I have never been to the restaurant before, so it was all new to me. Usually we go to Tayyabs across the road, which I must highly recommend. Apparently it is difficult to get reservations there, but we have managed to get a table a few times, and the food is amazing.

Over in Maedah Grill I loved it because the food was gorgeous and it has a good atmosphere. We had a lamachun starter, with a grilled lamb (Asif had chicken), and rice main. It had the most gorgeous salad with it too, and I had a mango lassi with it instead of a dessert as I was too full. Not strictly Turkish, but still nice. If you are ever in Whitechapel and looking for somewhere to eat definitely scout this place out.

Today I am having another wedding related day. My mum and sister are travelling down from north Wales and my cousin from London is coming with me to meet them. The plan for today is to do serious wedding shopping. I hope to have my wedding outfit sorted by the end of today, no excuses. I have seen a couple that I like, and it is a matter of choosing, getting fitted and negotiating prices. I really want my mum there to help me decide. I think I don't really feel that much in the wedding spirit as I haven't got my outfit yet, and I have had to do a lot of it in my own time, since I live in London and my family lives up north. It is difficult to cram it into a Saturday afternoon when I go to visit, and I have no holidays remaining at work, so can't take any time off, boo.

So hopefully I will have some good news to tell you tonight. Elsewhere me and Asif have been discussing where we want to live after we are married. He works in central London, and I work in east London. I have family in east London, and we both have friends around that area, so I think I would like to stay around there. I guess it will become clearer when we start looking at properties and the areas.


  1. Sounds like a hectic time, sure the wedding will be incredible. I'll check out some of those food places, I love that they're all nearby to me x

  2. Hectic, especially the last few months leading up to the wedding. I will be glad once it's done!

    Definitely check them out. I am not far from there myself and go there often. Tayyabs is famous for its food, and has got loads of awards, bit cramped inside, and if you drink you need to take your own alcohol, but food is second to none.

    People say it is notoriously hard to get reservations there, but I have managed a few times. Would definitely book a table though if you are thinking of going because the queue is always out of the door without fail everytime I have been. x


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