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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review: Label.M Sea Salt Spray

I miss the summer. I miss wearing my hair natural and curly and having the beach hair look. But just because it's winter doesn't mean I can't still get the same look.

If you went to London Fashion Week and picked up a goody bag you would have got this little bottle of magic like me.

I tried it for the first time today to see what it would be like. The bottle says you can use it on damp or dry hair. I straightened my hair yesterday and decided to spray it on my dry hair and see what effect it had.

My first thoughts were it really smells like sea salt! But my hair didn't smell like the sea once it dried, thankfully. And secondly, it really does work. I have naturally curly hair, and even though it had been straightened yesterday I sprayed this on liberally and it brought back a wavy look. It dried quickly and I pinned half my hair up to show off the effect. Asif noticed and loved it, so I guess it was a winner.

Have you tried it on damp hair? And what did you think of it if you have?


  1. I've got this and I absolutely love it! its good for adding abit of volume to fine hair too!

  2. I found this too! I am glad I got it as a freebie, as I am not sure I would have bought it myself, but now I have tried it I would defintely buy it again. Have you tried it on wet hair? What is it like?

  3. I bought after my hairdresser used it on my hair and I loved it so much I bought it straight away. Its good on wet hair is fine and quite wavy naturally and it gives me a really beachy tousled giving abit of definition to my waves. I really like it!

  4. I will have to try it on wet hair. I have quite naturally curly hair, so will be interesting to see how it works if I style it curly, but it gave the beach tousled look when I styled it dry, so should give it more bounce when wet. I will report back!


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