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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My wedding dress nightmare

For the last few weekends I have been going wedding dress shopping and I hate it. If there is one thing in the world I am hating right now it is wedding talk, and shopping for it? I wish I could do it online and forget about it. Unfortunately the reality of it is that all eyes will be on me on the wedding day so I have to make some effort to wear something that I will be happy to look back at in years to come. 

I guess part of my frustration is I know exactly what I want but I just can’t find it. I want a traditional Asian outfit, but can’t find one that I like enough to wear on my wedding day. I have tried West London, I have been to East London, and last weekend I also went to Manchester. I don’t have time to go to Birmingham, which I would have liked to hit also, because I need my outfit sorted in the next couple of weeks.

You see I choose the design and it will be made in India within three months and I need time for fittings, etc when it arrives. And the wedding is four months away today. Yes, scary I know.

So far my shopping experience has consisted of massively overpriced outfits for very little work, work done on hideous fabrics, shop owners talking to me like I am thick and belittling me – I walked out of two shops in Southall for this reason alone, and bad designs.

I think I have found somewhere to get my outfit made, but don’t want to give details of it away. I must say, the colour I originally wanted to go for doesn’t look how I thought it would unless I choose a certain fabric, which I don’t really want to go for. So I am having to compromise on the colour. But the rest of it I am pretty much sorted on. In my head. Now the question is if the designers will make it the way I envisage it.

Anyway if you are married and have any tips on how to go wedding shopping they would be gladly appreciated. Meanwhile I am adding pictures of various outfits I saw on my travels, not necessarily my taste, so you can see the trouble I have been having while shopping.


  1. Congratulations I didn’t realise you were engaged, hope you do get the dress you want and that you share it here! x

  2. Hiya,
    Yes, it's been about a year now. Big day fast approaching, and I have no finger nails left with the stress of it all!
    Pictures of the dress will hopefully be posted after the big day! x

  3. the purple one is my favourite...the colour is gorgeous and i love the embroidery!! which one did you choose in the end?

  4. The purple was gorgeous, but unfortunately they didn't have my size and couldn't order it in. I didn't choose any from these. Can't give it away before the big day! But will say I have gone quite traditional. x

  5. lol doh! Of course you cant! What was I thinking?! When Is the big day? I hope you put pictures of all your outfits for the engagement and all the other functions!! I love looking at indian clothes, jewelry bandles...the whole shabang! lol

  6. Lol, no worries. I don't want to give too much away as I still haven't decided on anything. I am the master of leaving things until the last minute.
    The big day is Easter! And I have so much to do! Luckily I have a lovely mum, sisters and cousins who are helping with a lot of it.
    I will try to post more Asian clothes and jewellery next time I go shopping!


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