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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Boxing Day party

Me looking angelic, with a Gok Wan gift set my sister got me. Smells gorgeous!

Christmas day around ours was just family, but on Boxing Day we had all our relatives around. The party was festive themed and the girls came dressed up as everything from angels, a Christmas tree, Christmas presents, elves, snowmen, Mrs Santa's and fairies.

The girls in my family all made a dish each, giving the mums a bit of a break. Everyone got creative and we had everything from goats cheese tarts, keema pastries, and cupcakes to biryani, shami kebabs, and spicy pasta. The food was so tasty and we had so much fun. Later on we had a party for just the girls, we did Secret Santa, pass the parcel, and the kids had LOADS of presents! After that we did dholki songs, OK this isn't festive, but as it my wedding coming up all the girls and mums were learning traditional Asian songs in preparation for my mehndi night - a traditional hen night - and it was great listening to them in action! We were singing until 4am then had a sleepover. Was a good night before I had to travel back to London in the morning. Here are a few pics from the party.

Our Christmas menus courtesy of Rhuks and Fozi

So many presents!

Some of the gorgeous food!

My cousin Rhuks with her prize for winning the best dish competition, and with her winning cupcake.

So impressed with her sugar design!


  1. The food looks SO yummy. And it is so lovely to see you all looks so happy. Lots of presents under your tree! Thank you for your comment, I am pleased to be getting positive feedback because i genuinely thought i'd get people calling me a wierdo. I'm not really sure how to follow that post now, having troubles to just go back to talking about "fashion". I have enjoyed reading your blog this year. Happy 2012 to us all, wishing you all the best xxxx

  2. Not a problem lovely. Opening up like that takes a lot of courage, and I am glad you did. I respect you for it. And hoping this year is better for you.
    I think you said it all in an appropriate way to round the year up, and you can look forward to the new year and blogging as usual. People love your blog because it's you!
    The food was gorgeous! My cousins and sisters did an amazing job with it! Was so impressed with them.
    And thank you for reading my blog. It means a lot that people don't mind tuning in for my ramblings!
    And hopefully we can meet up next time you are in London. Would be lovely to finally meet you!
    Wishing you all the best for 2012 too! x

  3. Oh wow, this sounds like such fun ! What a fab idea to have everyone to make a dish each !

  4. Daisy - makes life so much earlier, especially since our mums did such a good job on Christmas day. And kind of like Come Dine With Me style. Lots of fun!

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