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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Desperate Scousewives, episode 4

This week on Desperate Scousewives there was more arguing between Chris and Mark about kids. The result was poor Debbie having her locks accidentally chopped off and then made into a graduating bob, which I actually thought looked gorgeous.

The Mark and Chris arguments are getting a little old. I wish Chris would back off. He is so pushy constantly on Mark’s back about having kids. And although Mark is good with children, as he has demonstrated this week, he admits he is not ready for kids. A valid point, probably valid enough to drive them apart as next week’s trailer suggests.

The crux of the storyline this week was Chloe’s footballer cousin Sean throwing a fancy party at his plush pad. The aim was to have lots of his footballer mates and fit girls. Chloe was on hand to make sure that happened by inviting all her mates.

Amanda was on a photoshoot and spots a blog by Jaiden posting bitchy comments about her while she was out training. She laughs it off in good spirits, but then confronts him later at Sean’s party asking him who invited him. He shrugs it off and says he gets invites to all the best invites. Still not convinced she asks him again ‘no really, who invited you?!’ to which he reluctantly admits he was Elissa’s plus-one. She replies it’s terrible being a plus-one, but looks like the cat whose got the cream. Ouch!

Jodie admits she has a thing for Sean, and she seems to be genuinely taken with him, until she learns he has a girlfriend. Feel sorry for her and feel Chloe could have warned her about that one.

Elissa is on a photoshoot wearing a dress made entirely of human hair. I find this a tad on the gross side, but she thought it was amazing. Layla is desperate to speak to her, and after numerously having her calls blanked she turns up at the shoot. Elissa is not best pleased, but agrees to meet her later to discuss Joe.

The girls, the unlikeliest of friends on the show are hostile towards each other first, but then bond over drinks and a formulated plan to expose Joe and his lies. Elissa suspects Joe cheated on her with Layla years ago when they were together. Layla isn’t so forthcoming about when they were actually together and says she didn’t know he was still with Elissa at the time. Elissa says she will give her the benefit of the doubt if she is telling the truth, but will have serious words with her if she finds out she knew about it.

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