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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Desperate Scousewives, episode 3

Another week another Scousewives episode, and the cast didn’t disappoint as this show was packed with drama.The highlight of this week was seeing Chloe and Amanda, at a bar, run away from two men who bought them drinks and offering them dinner, to which Chloe replied she would rather go down the chippy.
Chloe is fast becoming the comic character of the show. Sweet and likeable, she has an innocent naivety about her and always seems to say what we at home are thinking. 

And Amanda is becoming more likeable too. I like that she is a mother and is more than just a model. It’s interesting when she opens up about her home life and what it is like being a mother.This week she told the Liverpool Echo not only are her and Chloe a double act on the show, they only recently found out they were also cousins. Small world eh? And can definitely see the resemblance. 

Elsewhere rejected Danny is trying to mend his broken heart. He is probably my favourite character on the show, purely for comedy, but also for his unashamed way with the girls. Last week he kissed Sam outside a club, and Debbie saw him, which he didn’t realise at the time. This week he asked Sam to go out with him, and she laughed in his face saying she knew about him serenading Debbie, and she would not be his rebound girl. Ouch.Then when he tries to convince Debbie to go on a date with him she says he is like every other man she can’t trust. I guess that’s a no then. 

Sister Gill celebrated her 30th birthday complete with tears about how she is on the shelf now, and has no man and no kids. While the two men in her life – married couple Mark and Chris – have a full blown fight in front of their friends about their differences of opinion about why they are not yet having kids. Awkward. 

And journo Elissa agrees to give player Joe a chance to talk over dinner. I have to say he does seem like a totally different person with Elissa than he is with Layla. He claims he has changed, but says it as it is when he says he goes with Layla because she is there and it’s easy. Fair enough. My thoughts? I would say to Elissa to take it slowly and give him another chance, but only if he proves he has changed, and make him work for it. 

Revelation of the week – Jaiden isn’t that bad. I think he has been given the caricature ‘bitchy blogger’ and tries to live up to it. He bumps into Joe and Danny and tells them he needs new outfits to wear when he is bitching about others. The title ‘bitchy blogger’ comes up in every episode numerous times, and it is like the producers are trying to shape him into Perez Hilton. But I have read his blog, and it is not half as bad as they are making him out to be. His softer side showed when Joe asked him to put in a good word to Elissa for him, and Jaiden said he had to prove to him too that he had changed, not just Elissa. Personally I think Jaiden is alright, and would be more likeable if he wasn’t so defensive all the time.


  1. Im yet to tune in but after reading this i am intrigued x

  2. You defintely should! It is my new favourite programme. Catch it on 4OD so you are up to speed and tell me what you think. x


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