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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Desperate Scousewives - ep 2

Well the Scouse crowd were out in force last night, and I was worried the second showing wouldn't be as good as the first. Well it turns out I had nothing to be worried about as it was brilliant! I think the one thing that sets the show apart from others is, although the situations are set up, the bitchiness and emotions seems to be real. If the girls don't like someone they and the whole world knows about it.

Well last night we saw Danny attempt to woo Debbie by serenading her outside her bedroom window, much to the delight of her neighbours who came out to see what all the noise was. Debbie, in not quite a Juliet fashion, closed the curtains on him in embarassment. He declares he will never embarrass himself again. Later at the party he doesn't get so much of a look in and Debbie's sister Gill tells him to give up and Debbie isn't ready for a relationship. But after a heart to heart Gill convinces Debbie to give him another go, to which she goes looking for him, but finds him kissing his ex Sam.

Joe is still being chased by Layla, but has his own eye on Elissa, who doesn't seem too keen to speak to him, especially after learning he has been sending flirty texts to both Gill and Debbie while trying to get back with her.

And gorgeous George launches his exclusive new club, which has a £500 membership price tag. Poor Chloe declares she can't afford it on her nurse's wages and tries to blag a free membership, but George is having none of it.

Elsewhere Jodie is at beauty school, and after not having booked a model to test spray tan on orders her boss to get to her class since it is his fault. I don't think it is, but he can't really say no to loud and proud Jodie and succumbs, with his dog in tow.

Tell me what you are thinking of the show.

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