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Monday, December 19, 2011

Crafty Minx

I used to be very crafty when I was younger. I mean crafty in a DIY way. I think it started in primary school when we all had to make a model of a scene and people. I made a playground, complete with swings, a slide, dolls and even made their clothes. I was seven.

I then started making clothes for my Barbie dolls and mum even bought me a hand-held sewing machine. I loved that machine to death and made so many miniature outfits with it.

I went on to make friendship bracelets, and hair braids. Do you remember those?! And mum taught me to make shoe bags, which I made a little business out of selling to other kids at school. I was 10.

By the time I reached high school I was making my own clothes, customising bags, and making handbags from scratch. I spent hours making intricate jewellery. I would get lost in my own thoughts while making things.

In college I developed my own style by making my own jeans, trousers, dresses, anything really. I bought the material and would think of ways to make new outfits, customising them with fabric paints, beads and buttons. On a trip to Pakistan mum bought a button machine that allowed me to make my own buttons using any material I wanted and she got me the most beautiful fabric paints and beads that I still have to this day. And on my 18th birthday I made myself a beautiful salwar kameez outfit - a traditional Asian outfit - as my mum was away in Pakistan at the time and usually made all my birthday outfits.

Why am I remembering all this? Well I have been reading blogs and craft websites and remembered my crafty childhood and wondered why I let it go. I want to take up knitting again! I remember knitting a purse in primary school, which I treasured, but would like to advance to something like a snood and then jumpers, which are perfect for this cold weather.

So tell me, are you crafty minxes too? Can you knit? If you can I would love to see some of your creations. Link me to your designs below and let me know if you have any tips on knitting - especially ribbing, which I so need to learn!

And here's to a year of homemade next year and even a homemade Christmas! Hopefully I can inspire others to take up handicrafts to save money and make more hand-made items!

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  1. Homemade Christmas is going to be so good! Has to be done :) xx


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