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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas at home

My Christmas post is a little late as I have not had access to a card reader to load up my pictures, but better late than never. We do like a Christmas dinner around ours and festive decorations. We had a gorgeous dinner - not turkey, as we prefer chicken at mine - cooked by my mum, and a good get together with my family. I will let the pictures do the talking here.

Hope you had a good Christmas! If you have done any festive posts leave the link below as I would love to see them. x


  1. ai this is soo cute!! that chicken looks amazing...I want it in my yummy now!! lol the snowmas on the reindeers sleigh so adorable! and your top looks really nice too! :-)

    Wana see my Christmas tree?

  2. Aw thank you hunni! I was looking through the photos just now and my family was getting hungry remembering how good the chicken was. Mum stuffed it with the most gorgeous herb and chickpea stuffing, sounds weird but tasted gorgeous!
    And mum loves Christmas decorations, so they all came out in force, lol.
    Thank you, outfit is from Asos.
    I will take a look at your post now. x

  3. Oops, that outfit was from Dhanak, the next post I put up will have an outfit from Asos! x


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