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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who wore it better - Made in Chelsea v Cheryl Cole

You guys have been lusting over Millie's fab dress in Monday's episode of Made in Chelsea and wondering where it was from. Well I can tell you the nude strapless dress with sequin embellishments is from Herve Leger.

It suits her perfectly, and is dressy without being over the top. But it seems she is not the only one who likes this dress. Another Chelsea darling Chloe Green was spotted with the dress, but dress it down with dark accessories and a black jacket.

But wait again...another starlet has been spotted with the same dress on the red carpet. Our favourite Georgie lass Cheryl Cole is seen here with the same dress. 

So my question to you is this. Who wore it better?


  1. Mills! Not a fan of the shoes the other two chose and it goes lovely with her lighter hair :)

  2. I'm not always her biggest fan, but Cheryl wears it better! x

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  4. I agree I think it goes well with her light hair and tan.

    And Cheryl, although it looks good she looks way too skinny in it. Need more curves for this dress!


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