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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Made in Chelsea - after party

So tonight was the show's after party, and it was almost more entertaining than the show itself! I loved it! First off, I haven't blogged about the final couple of episodes as I was away in Canada at the time, but I was shocked when Millie toasted her best friend Rosie hooking up with Hugo. I didn't believe it was true as neither of them had a chance to confirm or deny it before the show concluded. And Twitter was rife with how Millie had unfairly accused the two of hooking up when it wasn't true. Well tonight Millie had the chance to really stick the knife in.

She was really on form and Hugo could not defend himself and looked sheepish. He admitted he cheated with Rosie two weeks after starting to date Millie. Scandalous, so it turns out he was the first to cheat after all. Millie would not let him get away with it tonight and really laid into him. Almost felt sorry for him, almost.

And Rosie (admitting her guilt further?) would not sit on the stage with Millie to be questioned. Probably because she would get the Hugo treatment. She tried to defend herself by saying she and Hugo had unfinished business while she tried to decide whether she wanted to be with him or not, even though he was with Millie at the time. Pity, because I quite liked her during the first series.

Laugh out loud moments came from the sketches featuring Spencer and Ollie - who, hats off to them, can certainly laugh at themselves. Loved it.

Eye opener was seeing how incestuous the cast were with most of them having hooked up before. Interesting.

And Gaby, she is another one I quite liked in the first series, but what happened to her?! I don't like her manic craziness, but at least she can laugh at herself.

What did you think of it?

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