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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Desperate Scousewives - forget vajazzling, it's all about the Scouser brows

After the end of Made in Chelsea and Towie I have a massive dramality sized whole left in my television viewing time. If you are like me fear not! E4 has come to our rescue to provide it's latest offering - Desperate Scousewives based in Liverpool. Most of the cast are not actually Scouse themselves - Joe is Welsh, Elissa is from Blackburn, Layla - no idea - still can't work out her accent, and the rest sound like they are from the Wirral.

To me make-up artist Jodie was the one that portrayed real Scouse girls for me. I loved that she was loud, proud and confident. 

That aside, it brings back memories of home (I'm from near Liverpool originally) and one of my first reporting stints working in Liverpool for The Daily Post and Liverpool Echo, which show celebrity Amanda Harrington has a column in.

I love the eyebrows! Absolutely fab! Not something I could pull off, and the one Jodie showed in the salon on her trial was comically too big, but hopefully she will tone it down for other clients. 

Maybe I am jumping the gun - but you know what? I love this show! It hasn't got the garishness or obvious scandalous behaviour of Geordie Show or how set up Towie looked in the beginning. It seems more real. Obviously the scenes are set up, and I am not keen on the characters talking to someone off camera. I would prefer if they spoke to a mate on the phone about what just happened, or if the producers quickly brought in a friend ready for them to talk to about what just happened.

The emotion seems quite real from the offset, which leaves plenty of drama. I love that it has Coleen Rooney's cousin in the show in the form of Chloe, and I like the extra dimension Amanda Harrington has to her character by being a young mother.

The boys, although their behaviour leaves a lot to be desired, are hilarious! Especially Danny. How can you not laugh at them?!

Already excited for the next episode! What did you think? Will you be going for the Scouser Brow?

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