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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Death of Google Friend Connect

I was sad to heard about the death of Google Friend Connect as it is the way I read most of my favourite blogs. But now it will only work until March 1. 

Google said in a statement yesterday: "We encourage affected sites to create a Google+ page and place a Google+ badge on their site so they can bring their community of followers to Google+ and use new features like Circles and Hangouts to keep in touch."
The IFB has some handy tips, and what the change will mean for you here

But if you are finding this all a bit mind-boggling like me fear not, there are still other ways to interact and keep in touch with me!

On Facebook you can follow me be liking my blog page. 

And on Twitter you can follow me at the following page: 

 I update both regularly and include links to my blog everytime a new post is added.  

You can also connect with me by clicking on the Bloglovin' logo in the top right sidebar. 

Desperate Scousewives - forget vajazzling, it's all about the Scouser brows

After the end of Made in Chelsea and Towie I have a massive dramality sized whole left in my television viewing time. If you are like me fear not! E4 has come to our rescue to provide it's latest offering - Desperate Scousewives based in Liverpool. Most of the cast are not actually Scouse themselves - Joe is Welsh, Elissa is from Blackburn, Layla - no idea - still can't work out her accent, and the rest sound like they are from the Wirral.

To me make-up artist Jodie was the one that portrayed real Scouse girls for me. I loved that she was loud, proud and confident. 

That aside, it brings back memories of home (I'm from near Liverpool originally) and one of my first reporting stints working in Liverpool for The Daily Post and Liverpool Echo, which show celebrity Amanda Harrington has a column in.

I love the eyebrows! Absolutely fab! Not something I could pull off, and the one Jodie showed in the salon on her trial was comically too big, but hopefully she will tone it down for other clients. 

Maybe I am jumping the gun - but you know what? I love this show! It hasn't got the garishness or obvious scandalous behaviour of Geordie Show or how set up Towie looked in the beginning. It seems more real. Obviously the scenes are set up, and I am not keen on the characters talking to someone off camera. I would prefer if they spoke to a mate on the phone about what just happened, or if the producers quickly brought in a friend ready for them to talk to about what just happened.

The emotion seems quite real from the offset, which leaves plenty of drama. I love that it has Coleen Rooney's cousin in the show in the form of Chloe, and I like the extra dimension Amanda Harrington has to her character by being a young mother.

The boys, although their behaviour leaves a lot to be desired, are hilarious! Especially Danny. How can you not laugh at them?!

Already excited for the next episode! What did you think? Will you be going for the Scouser Brow?

Made in Chelsea - after party

So tonight was the show's after party, and it was almost more entertaining than the show itself! I loved it! First off, I haven't blogged about the final couple of episodes as I was away in Canada at the time, but I was shocked when Millie toasted her best friend Rosie hooking up with Hugo. I didn't believe it was true as neither of them had a chance to confirm or deny it before the show concluded. And Twitter was rife with how Millie had unfairly accused the two of hooking up when it wasn't true. Well tonight Millie had the chance to really stick the knife in.

She was really on form and Hugo could not defend himself and looked sheepish. He admitted he cheated with Rosie two weeks after starting to date Millie. Scandalous, so it turns out he was the first to cheat after all. Millie would not let him get away with it tonight and really laid into him. Almost felt sorry for him, almost.

And Rosie (admitting her guilt further?) would not sit on the stage with Millie to be questioned. Probably because she would get the Hugo treatment. She tried to defend herself by saying she and Hugo had unfinished business while she tried to decide whether she wanted to be with him or not, even though he was with Millie at the time. Pity, because I quite liked her during the first series.

Laugh out loud moments came from the sketches featuring Spencer and Ollie - who, hats off to them, can certainly laugh at themselves. Loved it.

Eye opener was seeing how incestuous the cast were with most of them having hooked up before. Interesting.

And Gaby, she is another one I quite liked in the first series, but what happened to her?! I don't like her manic craziness, but at least she can laugh at herself.

What did you think of it?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Canada trip

So for the past week I have been in Canada and returned yesterday. All I can say is what a trip. I went with my mum, cousins and aunties and uncles to Toronto for my cousin's wedding and it was amazing!

The CN Tower

The view from the top of the CN Tower overlooking Toronto

I will show some of my outfits in a separate post once I have collected all the pictures as my camera went bust out there, and I now have to buy a new one (any suggestions of good cameras with anti-blur kindly appreciated below).

Me very excited and scared to be standing on the glass floor in the CN Tower

Me looking through the glass floor at the Rogers Centre below

The view below

We stayed just outside Toronto in a place called Missisauga, in Port Credit. While we were there we visited a couple of touristy places including the CN Tower and Niagara Falls. I have included a few pics below.

Canada on the left, New York, America on the right.

Me and my cousin Rhuks by Niagara Falls

Me very excited outside a fudge factory - I am addicted to chocolate in a dangerous way

Watching the sunrise on our last morning in Toronto

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Made in Chelsea - Episode 8 outfits

This week the cast were suffering from the end of summer blues so were flown out to sunny Morocco for a jaunt on camels, eating good food, smoking shisha and the obligatory drama.

Alice and Proudlock got cosy, much to Caggie's dismay, but hats off to her for keeping her cool and not interfering, for even stepping aside and telling Alice truthfully how much Proudlock likes her. Spencer declared his feelings for Caggie, but she said it will never go anywhere. Spencer and Jamie have a go at Millie for her cheating, and sparks seem to fly between Hugo and Rosie who are both left home.

Meanwhile Binky, Ollie and Cheska finally bury the hatchet and make up. About time too! Was hating my favourite three not being friends. 

Lets have a little look at some of my fav outfits from the show.

Millie's orange striped dress was a Missoni number from Girl Meets Dress. It was a floor-length halter-neck stripy number which looked great as an evening dress in Morocco.

 This isn't the best picture, but the only one I could find that shows Rosie's full outfit that she wore to Vanilla when she went for drinks with Hugo.

 She wore a blazer from Zara, the sheer top with frilled sleeves is from Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers, the leather skirt, which is gorj and flattering without being too dominatrix, is also from Zara, and the chunky ankle boots are from Acne.

Her second outfit below was glam. Rosie's blouse she wore at the club was from Warehouse. It was long-sleeved and slightly sheer with embellished sleeves and down the front - subtly glam.

Alice's earrings were gorgeous. I love dangly earrings and this pair really caught my eye, and they looked perfect in the Moroccan setting. Unfortunately you won't be able to get the exact same pair as they are from a flea parket in Paris.

Note: Next week's post will be a little late as I will be in Canada.

Preparing for Canada

This week has been absolute madness. I have not blogged as often as I am preparing for a trip to Canada. I will be flying out Monday morning to Toronto and have been running around preparing, doing last minute errands and packing.

I am looking forward to it as it is my first time to Canada. I am expecting it to be cold so have prepared and packed lots of warm clothing.

I will be there for about a week and will be attending my cousin's wedding. It will be good fun and I am looking forward to seeing how the Canadians throw a wedding! I have packed lots of fancy outfits and will be taking as many outfits as I can.

Photo link here

So tell me if you have visited Canada what it is like, where should I go in my free time, and what are your favourite beauty products you have picked up abroad?

Review: Dr Bronner's Rose Soap

This week I was sent a bottle of Dr Bronner's Rose Soap by the lovely people at The Spa PR Company. Now one of my favourite scents is rose because it smells so fresh and clean. I love any floral scented beauty products, but this one was special because it wasn't OTT.

When I smelled it in the bottle it seemed to have a very subtle scent, but when I used it as a handwash the smell was much more obvious, and leaves a lovely after-smell. I like that it has a natural rose fragrance in it.

Now this product is from one of the 18-in-1 range, which means it has 18 different uses. I previously did a review of some of their products here, and I was very impressed. I am pleased to say this one lived up to my expectations.

It contains coconut oil and organic olive oil, but they don't leave an oily residue, and wash off easily. They left my hands feeling quite hydrated, which as it is currently approaching winter is a welcome addition. It also foams up easily under what, which I like because it gives a cleaner feel.

To use it more as a moisturising soap you can add a small amount to a bowl of warm water and you can put a damp cloth into the water and massage it onto your face and water.

Priced £6.39 8oz. Available from Liberty, select Waitrose stores and

Friday, November 4, 2011

Made in Chelsea's Victoria Baker-Harber's green jacket

Victoria Baker-Harber is one of the new recruits for this season of Made in Chelsea, but not been seen that often. She was in the first coupe of episodes then went off the radar until this week when she was instrumental in persuading Rosie Fortescue to tell Hugo Taylor about Millie Mackintosh’s cheating ways.

Pictures courtesy of 4OD

The swimwear entrepreneur says she refuses to ever cut her hair, yet it looks like it is in amazing condition.

I had a request to find out where she had got this green jacket from, which is a gorgeous shade, but while I was at it I thought I would also find out about the scarf which I think is beautiful.

Pictures courtesy of 4OD
Well the jacket is from Sandro, a French casualwear brand for men and women, who mostly have shops in France and one in Sloane Street. And the scarf is from YSL.

What do you think of them and do you like her style?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who wore it better - Made in Chelsea v Cheryl Cole

You guys have been lusting over Millie's fab dress in Monday's episode of Made in Chelsea and wondering where it was from. Well I can tell you the nude strapless dress with sequin embellishments is from Herve Leger.

It suits her perfectly, and is dressy without being over the top. But it seems she is not the only one who likes this dress. Another Chelsea darling Chloe Green was spotted with the dress, but dress it down with dark accessories and a black jacket.

But wait again...another starlet has been spotted with the same dress on the red carpet. Our favourite Georgie lass Cheryl Cole is seen here with the same dress. 

So my question to you is this. Who wore it better?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

X Factor singer bullied over weight receives support from fans

Here is my story about X Factor singer Jesy Nelson, who was bullied over her weight, receiving support from her fans.

Romford girl Jesy Nelson, member of X factor girl group Little Mix, has been facing a struggle over her weight after bullies targeted her.

The singer broke down in tears during Saturday’s show after talking about hurtful comment on Twitter about her weight.

The 20-year-old said she was upset about the comments making her feel insecure about the way she looks.
She said on the show: “People are writing a few nasty comments and it has just got to me a little bit. When you’ve got your own insecurities and then when people go and tell you and write them on websites for everyone to see it just makes you feel really rubbish.

“Being in a girl group with three beautiful girls who are a lot slimmer and smaller than me... and obviously I know I’m a lot bigger. I find it really hard when people publicise it on Twitter.”

Her mum Janis said: “She was really upset about the nasty things other people were writing about her.
“I tried to tell her to ignore it, but it is difficult when it is about you. She has received so much support since then and when she arrived at the studio there were people holding banners up to show they supported her.”

The girls sang a haunting version of ET by Katy Perry while sat on swings and dressed as porcelain dolls.
Her mum said: “I thought they sang really well together and the response has been great.”

The girls also faced changing the name of their group last week from Rhythmix because there is already a charity with the same name.

They decided on Little Mix, and mum Janis said the girls could not be happier.

She said: “It was already the name of a charity and they didn’t want to cause any problems, so it was the best decision all around. It was something they chose together and people will soon get used to the new name.”
This week the contestants will be choosing a club classic to perform on Saturday night’s show.
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