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Sunday, October 16, 2011

X Factor - Week 2 outfits

Another week another show, and boy the contestants didn't disappoint. But I am more concerned with the outfits here, and although I loved the ones from last week more, the ones this week weren't half bad.

Kelly Rowland looked fab in a Todd Lynn dress with red lips to match. She looked classy but effortless with her tousled hair.

Credit: ITV
The dress is a little pricey, but if you like it you can look at it here

Told you it was pricey! And if you like her make-up Rimmel suggested using the Kate collection lipstick in shade 1 for a classic red look.

Meanwhile Tulisa has gone back to her dark looks, which I think suits her much better than the blonde bits on top, and it looks more polished. Her outfit choice hasn't received rave reviews with many describing it as shredded up leather, but I liked it. Probably would have been more appropriate in the week of Halloween though.

And to get her lips Rimmel suggested wearing the Kate lipstick in shade 12 to get this pillarbox red statement look.

Misha was rocking a Dirty Pretty Things jumpsuit and wedge boots from Topshop. People on Twitter were comparing her to the purple one from Quality Street, and though it wasn't the most flattering cut or fit it was still a fab outfit, coupled with her hair and make-up it looked FIERCE! Misha never disappoints, and she is the one I always look forward to seeing what she will do next.

Janet's dress is from Asos, while her shoes were from Aldo. I really liked this look. She  looked lovely in the dress, and I loved the belt. She wore lacy tights with it, but it didn't look too much. A thumbs up to Janet. 

Sophie Habibis wore a gorgeous red dress by Antonio Beradi. But I think it makes her look older than her years. If I am correct she is only 19, but this makes her look 10 years older. Gorgeous dress, but a little too Carol Vorderman, and I think she needs to dress a little younger.

So, which outfits did you like, and which would you bin?

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