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Sunday, October 9, 2011

X factor outfits - Week 1, show 1

 If you are like me you were probably glued to your TV tonight watching for the outfits throughout the show. Well I have been scouring the net for some pics and trying to find out where most of the outfits, or similar ones are from.

I adored Kelly Rowland's Versace dress. It was amazing and she set the bar for the outfits for the live shows. I loved the design of it and the black and green combination and pattern.

And tulisa's dress, although in muted tones, was a great fit and looked amazing on her. The dress was Hervé Léger by Max Azria. It looked Cherylesque, but surely the girl can wear a dress without looking like her predecessor - but seriously doesn't she look like her in the above picture?!

I loved Amelia Lily's opening number and her fierce red jacket, which was perfect for her Michael Jackson's Billie Jean rendition.

You can get the same look with this Forever 21 red studded leatherette jacket £39.75.

And what did you think of Misha's outfit?! Personally I loved it, it was fierce and out of the box. Totally different, and probably the most memorable of all the girl's outfits.

Now I am guessing hers was made especially for the show, so I suggest if you want to get the look yourself see below.....!

And I loved her Union Jack nails, she was really representing us British wasn't she?!

The nails are Rimmel London's press on applique nails. They are sticky, and all you have to do is press them on. They cost £6.99 and are available from Asos.

Kitty wore an interesting corset from The Blondes, and here is the same dress on the runway. Looks pretty fab, but not sure about it on her. 

So what were your favourite outfits from the show? 


  1. You know...I really didn't love Kelly's dress and thought Tulisa was alright. What was going on with Tulisa's hair, has it changed again?

    Sarah Betty? xx

  2. I think she changed it during the judges' houses stage. I preferred it when it was totally dark, it looked really good. Now it looks like she has put some left over blonde dye on the top. Not a good look.

    I have seen today that Kelly's outfit didn't get good reviews, but personally I liked it!

  3. I really liked Kelly's outfit!! Thought it was stylish.

    I'm trying to save up all my newspapers now for Misha's look!

  4. Lol @Shagoofta - so did I. And when you make the dress let me know. x

  5. Ok will do.

    I'll hav 2 laminate them if I want it 2 b weather resistant!

  6. lol, don't know why you are going to wear the dress in the rain, but fair point. You don't want it to disintegrate - especially with our unpredictable weather. But on the plus side, you could create something paper mache if it does...!


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