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Saturday, October 8, 2011

X Factor Live show - week 1 show 1

So what did you think of the performances tonight? I was so excited to see the show and it didn't disappoint. Amelia Lily opened the show, and for a 16-year-old to open the live shows is a big deal. She was shaky in a couple of places, but that can be forgiven as it was the first show. I loved her version of Billie Jean.
Picture source: Mitch and Sauve

Rhythmix for me were amazing. I loved what they did with Nicky Minaj's Super Bass and made it their own. They looked cute as ever, and were not trying to be like anyone else. To me they looked genuine.

But it was Mischa B who put her own stamp on Adele's Rolling in the Deep that won the show for me. I do admit I was gunning for her even before the show even begun, but come on - how could you not like her version?! It is difficult to Adele anyway, but with a rap? Give this girl a ticket to next week straight away.

Craig Colton came out with the most heart-rendering version of Jar of Hearts, and I believed every word and expression he came out with. He was truly showed that he had the voice.

And The Risk, who were truly a risk when Tulisa mixed up Charlie from The Keys with some members of The Risk she had formed at Boot Camp, were refreshingly good. I didn't expect them to be all that, having been the last group to have been put together, but they harmonised well during their version of She Says, and loved the rap Derry did in the middle. They have the potential and beginnings of JLS, and I hope they go far.

My disappointments were Nu Vibe. I loved the boys and thought they could be the new One Direction, but they didn't do Chris Brown's Beautiful People justice tonight. Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was a lack of chemistry between the five who had previously been solo singers and were put together for Boot Camp, but it just didn't do it for me.

Another disappointment was Marcus Collins, who sang Moves Like Jagger. Now Marcus is an absolute cutie and I love his personality. If it was down to that alone he should be put through, but he just didn't seem to shine with the song choice for me. It was a little shaky and didn't show his full potential. Again it could have been down to nerves.

Well, the judges have got their work cut out for them because I don't envy them having to vote out one of their own on tomorrow's show.

Who did you like? And who would you vote out?


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