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Sunday, October 2, 2011

TOWIE - episode 3

Tonight's episode was a bit bland, apart from Maria and Mick thinking of going on a date. They are not a couple I would have paired together, but Gemma did in the last episode. At the lock and key party she paired them together - awkward looks all around - but kind of strange since Maria is her friend, and Gemma was more than a little obsessed with Mick last season. Anyway, Kirk tells Maria he is looking out for his dad, but isn't going to kick up a fuss about them going for a date. What a nice son eh?!

Other news, Lucy's bloke Mario (cool name by the way, same name as my landlord - not so cool) tells Mark at the gym to stay away from his girlfriend and that he has told her to stay away from him too (trust issues?). Seems like Mario will do anything to make sure they don't get together again, but TOWIE producers have another idea and orchestrate Mark walking in on Lucy in racy underwear she is trying for a modelling show while she is at his sister Jessica's house and telling her she looks smoking hot. What will Mario say?

In other news Joey Essex wants to move out but doesn't understand the concept of bills, he wears an 'interesting' military outfit, and the gang go paintballing for Lauren Pope's birthday - but warn the boys their boobs are off limits for shooting or they might explode.

Did you watch the show tonight? And what did you think of it?

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