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Sunday, October 16, 2011

TOWIB event

Yesterday I headed down to central London for The Only Way Is Blogging event at Babble Bar. The event, organised by the lovely London Beauty Queen, was a chance for like-minded bloggers to get together and share their love of blogging and to try out some new products.

The fun packed event saw demonstrations from Vivo Cosmetics and FashionistA, and workshops from Faye from All These Pretty Things and Zoe from The London Lipgloss.

We started off with a drinks reception, and I had the chance to meet lovely bloggers I met at the London Bloggers Meet in September: Madison, Sarah, Katy, Faye, and Saima. I also met the lovely Ayshe who I have been chatting to over Twitter.

The first demonstration was by FashionistA, a new affordable brand of make-up which is available in Superdrug. The three looks were inspired by Rodate, Anna Sui, and Mark Fast. One look was concentrating on blushers, one was different tones of blue, and the third was tones of brown, bronze, and coppers. We even got to pick one of three styles to take home. I picked the blue and am looking forward to trying it.

Next up was Faye who is an absolute whiz at HTML. She did a workshop in the basics for us newbies. Her advice was amazing, and she certainly knows her stuff. She gave tips on what to use to customise your blog, how to lay it out, how to increase traffic, and tips on what Google search engines prefer or penalise you for. She will be doing an overview, with handy step-by-step tips on her blog, so well worth checking that out.

After this we had a demonstration from Vivo Cosmetics. This is another affordable brand which is available exclusively from Tesco. We were shown three different demonstrations, one for a Halloween look, one with golds and a bronzer for the Christmas-party look, and a bold lip look, with two lippies, a lipgloss and highlight kit. I chose the last one because I really wanted the highlighter.

The make-up artist was lovely and gave me tips for a red lipstick to suit my colouring - and at £2 it is a steal. I would happily buy a handful of these to play with. She put a colour on me and I have to tell you it has amazing staying power and stayed on all night.

Following this we had a photography workshop by Zoe from the London Lipgloss and Lilly from LLYMLRS. There were some fab tips on how to take the best photos for your blog, re-sizing photos, using free photoshop-type programmes on the internet, and what not to do. The key point was to go for the best camera you can afford - there is no need to spend hundreds of pounds on a camera unless you need it and really want it. A phone camera, or point and shoot can do just as good a job.

And lastly, there was a Q&A with London Beauty Queen, Lilly, and Kate from gh0st parties. It was a fun chat about blogs, blog etiquette, PRs, tips on what to do and what not to do.

All in all this was a great event, well-organised, very informative and a chance to meet some great people.

If you were at the event tell me what you though of it.



  1. Looks like it was loads of fun! I wish I could have gone :(

  2. The next one is in February. Make sure you are free and come! x

  3. The event was so much fun, going to write about it soon. Can't wait till February for the next one. xx

  4. I know - me neither! Send me the link when it's done. Looking forward to reading through them all. And think I might do the make-up reviews tomorrow. x

  5. Hi Safira, it was nice to briefly meet you! I was with Ayshe from Discovering Beauty :) ... thought the event was great & looking forward to the next one in Feb! :) will you be attending?

  6. Hiya, it was good to see you too!I really enjoyed the event and there were some really useful tips too. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new one will have in store! x

  7. I really enjoyed it! And it was lovely meeting you before hand! x

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