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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday round-up

I'm hoping to do a round-up every Sunday of my week and an update of what I have been to. This week has been especially busy. Over the weekend I did a round trip to Wrexham, north Wales and back and I am exhausted!

It was for my cousin's daughter's first birthday. I come from a big family with a lot of relatives who are now all over the country and we like to get together as often as we can. A first birthday might not merit a big get-together for most people, but we made a BIG occasion out of it! My cousins came over from London, Huddesfield, my sister from Leicester, and met all my family in Wales. It involved fun times and lots of food. Meant I had to get ready on the train down and was there just in time for the party.

Another update is that it is just over six months until my wedding. I have been trying not to think about the wedding at all as it makes me stressed out and a little crazy. The result is me in a bad mood every time it is brought up and wishing I can fast forward six months in time and skip the actual wedding, and get on with the married part - not conventional I know, but I guess I'm not.

Lucky for me I have an amazing family who are taking over the planning - do not be fooled, I have booked the hall, hair and make-up and photographer, my jewellery is sorted, and I know what colour and style my dress will be and where I am getting it made (only need three months to make it - I at least know that).

So, my lovely mum and sister are doing all the legwork for me for the rest of the tasks and have delegated the invitations and cake to me to choose in an effort to relieve me of the stress!

In other news I won a competition to attend a beginners' blog tutorial at Westfield London this week. It was taught by the lovely Jenny from The Style PA who gave us fab tips on the basics and how to get started. I learnt some great tips on it and even got a £50 Debenhams voucher as my prize! Just need to work out what to spend it on.


  1. Oooo congrats on yourt win :) are you gonna be at the towib blog event? there'll be all sorts of blogging tutorials going on

  2. Yes I will definitely be there! I hear you are doing a tutorial. Will look forward to it, because I need all the html help I can get, and it will be good to catch up with you again! x


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