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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Preview - Kate Hasted - probably the most amazing scarves I have seen!

Kate Hasted is a new up-and-coming print designer and maker who recently launched her new accessories collection. 

She is based in Tunbridge Wells and her hand-created prints and patterns have been used as inspiration for fashion ranges and have been used as prints in menswear, women's wear and home furnishings for designers including Donna Karen, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Armani and Banana Republic to name a few.

Her new collection 'London' features prints named after iconic places in the Big Smoke. The names of the prints Mayfair, Regent, Sloane, Piccadilly and Knightsbridge should give you an idea of the type of feel she has gone for.

She told me: “I named the prints after some of my favourite places. I feel these places are exciting and fashionable and show quality, style and innovation – I wanted to represent this in my first accessories collection.”

They have all been designed from Kate’s hand-created samples and then digitally put into repeat and printed.

She invited me to the launch of her new collection, unfortunately due to work commitments I wasn’t able to attend. But she kindly answered a few questions from me.  

1 – Who did you design these for?

The accessories are designed for women who love prints and high quality hand made items who wish to own a piece that they will wear again and again - not just for one season. My customers value that my products are all hand designed, printed and made in England and have more exclusivity because they cannot be found on every high street. 

2 – Who would typically wear these?

I can imagine a variety of women wearing my pieces - fashionable graduates, business women, mum's, and celebrities, what unites them is that they love the striking prints and quality.

3 – Where are these available?

I currently sell through an accessories boutique called JUEL in Tunbridge Wells.  I sell at selected events throughout the year - for example pop up shops, through exhibitions and craft fairs, I also sell a selection of pieces online with Swanky Maison and Etsy and I am currently in the process of developing my own online shop where customers will be able to purchase items direct from me.

4 – What is your favourite piece from this collection and why? 

My favourite piece is the 'Sloane' velvet backed narrow scarf because of the striking colour and pattern.

5 – What plans do you have for the future?

I hope that the future will bring me more opportunities to sell my accessories through a variety of boutiques and outlets and that I will be able to exhibit my work nationally and internationally.
I hope to expand the work that I currently do in New York to be able to sell my prints in other areas such as LA, the UK and Australia.

I would find it quite exciting to collaborate with other designers who work in different disciplines such as glass or ceramics and I also hope that I will be able to continue to travel to gain inspiration for my designs so I always have exciting new print ideas.


  1. So simple but yet so effective.
    I really like the bold print designs and will be checking out the websites mentioned to try and buy a couple! Thanks.

  2. You really should. I love the necklace-type piece. It's something I would definitely wear myself.

  3. These are gorgeous! I did a quick google search and she's got this cute website where you can buy these scarves directly


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