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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mandara Spa - press day

Last week was Feel Gorgeous Week - and it was a great excuse to go pamper myself (like I need an excuse!). Spas around the country pulled out all the stops to pamper women who wanted a quick pick-me-up or who just wanted to try something new.

I was lucky enough to be invited by Wahanda to the Mandara Spa, at the Park Plaza, near Westminster Bridge, Central London - probably the most luxurious spa and hotel I have ever been to. Wahanda is a website that specialises in spa and beauty days and packages - perfect if you are looking for a good deal on a spa day - and lets face it they are not that cheap usually. I also met Lopo Champalimaud, CEO of Wahanda, who was lovely and talked me through his website and what they offer.

Once inside we were treated to gorgeous nibbles - three course style! They even had mini desserts - a definite plus. We had the chance to check out the spa and sample one of their mini treatments. I had a good look around, there was a gym, with a separate swimming pool area, and the treatment area was very private. There are plenty of big rooms if you want to have a treatment done with a friend or on your own. 

The staff were friendly and informative - and they knew their stuff. I could choose one of their treatments and thoought about having an Indian head massage, or a manicure, but was told about a face-mapping service. The beauty therapist used a microscope to study my skin and advised me on how to improve it and what products to use. It sounds scarier than it is, but it literally takes five seconds for it take to a picture which is processed into a computer, and the image comes up on the screen on the treatment table. A little daunting looking at your face in such detail but it was invaluable. (I haven't had a chance to scan the pictures in, but when I do I will update this post with the pictures.)

It is able to pick up whether your skin is combination, normal, dry or sensitive; how sun-damaged it is; whether you have any sensitive areas; and where your spot prone areas are.

The therapist studied my skin and gave me a print out of the results. I was told my skin was classic combination skin, it was in good condition and I had very little skin damage.

Fab lights in the hallway

She asked me if I had any concerns with my skin - which I do. I have acne scars on my chin from when I was a teenager and cover up with make-up. She was able to show me a 3-D image of the skin on my chin to see the extent of the damage and how to treat it. I have been told in the past to try micro-dermabrasion, which I am not too keen on, but she suggested using a tri-enzyme resurfacing facial wash from Elemis for a month and I should see instant results.

Apparently in tests 90% of those tested said they saw smoother skin after a month of using the product. I was pleased because I don't want a harsh treatment, and will definintely be trying this. For this advice alone it was definitely worth the visit to the salon!

Some of the fab Mandara Spa products on offer, one of which I was given one of in my goodie bag!
All in all the spa is worth a visit. It has a range of treatments from manicures, to their signature Balinese massage treatment, used to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease stress and calm.

A big thank you to Wahanda, The Spa PR Company, and Mandara Spa for inviting me to the event.


  1. The place looks beautiful and thank you for the tip about Elemis. x

  2. No problem. The place really was gorgeous! I am hoping to get the tri-enzyme product this week and will post a review once I have tried it. x


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