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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Made in Chelsea - Series 2 Episode 4

Tonight's episode saw the gang go away to the country for the weekend. Millie has already legged it after discovering Hugo had an affair, and Hugo is either lovesick or feeling guilty, I guess it's probably the latter.

His mate Jamie tries to set him up with ultimate party girl Gemma on the weekend away, which ends up with her being a bit too loud for the gang, and ridiculously drunk - Millie she is not - Hugo looks horrified.

Jamie tries to woo Rosie in the middle of the night, and she slams the door in his face. Nice one Rosie.

And Louise, who I am liking more and more in every episode confronts Caggie over her feelings for Spencer. She says she has noticed Spencer has been different since she returned, and sounds like she offers him on a plate to Caggie suggesting the two of them just go there and get it out of their system.

Fair point, I think the problem is that they want what they haven't got and the thrill is in the chase. But if they actually got together I doubt things would stay rosie.

In other news Cheska dates Kendall - Ollie's body double in Gabi's music video who actually looks nothing like him. Their date is actually drinks with Ollie and Binky, which he doesn't know about until he gets there. Never mind, they get on like a house on fire regardless. 

So there you go, not that much drama this week. What did you think of it?

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