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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Made in Chelsea Ep3. Series 2

So what did you think of Made in Chelsea last night? It was quite an explosive episode wasn’t it?!

The scene between Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor has been quite the talking point. Caggie asked Hugo to his face if he cheated on Millie, then not believing his denial asked others found out he had in fact been playing away. Being the good friend she is she told Millie what she knew, and told her not to get back with him.

Devastated Millie only had moments to take it in before Hugo came over and then she confronted him about it. This has to be THE scene of the series so far. I was gunning for Millie to catch him out, and when she did I wanted her to make him about an inch tall – which she did in spectacular fashion. I can only hope if I ever need to throw a drink at someone I do it like this!

Later, over drinks with Rosie Fortescue and Caggie she vents her anger. Rosie looks extremely shifty when Millie questions why she never told her about her suspicions.

What makes her look worse is when she later tells Hugo she had to cover for him and lie to Millie when she knew he had cheated. 

There are two things to think about here – I know which I would prefer as a friend out of Caggie and Rosie – but this is coupled with the fact Rosie blatantly lied to Rosie. What kind of friend is she?! I know she is also friends with Hugo, but do you stand by and let one friend humiliate another, or step in and let them know?
The question remains who did Hugo play away with. This has not been revealed so far, and Twitter went into overdrive last night with rumours it was Rosie, not surprising since she was previously linked with him. 

But she was quick to point out on Twitter 'It wasn't me with @hugo_london we are best friends. Deal with it. Xoxo'. Do you believe her? And who do you think it was?

In other news Spencer takes Binky out for dinner and reveals he can speak French,
And Gaby says she is over Ollie while filing her music video with two Ollie lookalikes. 

It’s all fun and games in Chelsea! Tell me what you thought of the episode.


  1. Personally, I've been in Rosie's position before, and it's an awful place to be. Just by knowing the information, your instantly going to be in the wrong in one person's point of view and at a big risk of loosing either one of your friends. If you tell the person that's been cheated on, the one that cheated will hate you (even if they were wrong) because it's not really your place to tell, however if you don't tell the person who's been cheated on they could feel betrayed and obviously feel that you should have told them.
    Alothough I completely disagree with cheating, when your in that position it's really difficult to actually make a decision, and whatever you do someone will be angry at you :(

  2. You are right, it is an awful position to be in and I wouldn't want to be in that position myself, but you have to do right by both parties. Sometimes by staying quiet you are part of the problem by allowing it. I would want to know if I was in Millie's situation, but I don't envy Rosie's position either!
    Unfortunately you get stuck in the middle just by knowing the situation. x


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