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Monday, October 10, 2011

A Lush attack

Today me and Asif went to Westfield Stratford on our way home from work and did a spot of shopping. We went to TGI Friday's for some dinner, and had some yummy burgers, but weren't too enthused with the slow service.

After that we went to Lush and I tested out lots of the gorgeous smelling products. Unfortunately for me while I was preoccupied Asif was running riot in the shop. He was like a kid in a candy store. First he was dipping his fingers in all the different pots of shampoos, then ate a toothy tablet - which he spat out in a basket when I told him it wasn't a sweet. After we left the shop I couldn't work out why I stank so much. It turns out while my back was turned Asif had sprayed three different perfumes, a hair styling spray, and a cleanser on to my coat while I wasn't looking. Thanks.

While I was oblivious to him I tried out this gorgeous Lush shampoo and conditioner. I wanted something which was ultra moisturising. If you follow me on Twitter you will probably know how much I hate London water, and much prefer Welsh water when I go home to my parents' house for weekends, as it is much softer for my hair.

So Lush to the rescue and these two products were recommended for me as being the best moisturisers for dry hair. Rehab shampoo has oils for extra strength and contains seaweed for softness. It smells a bit like anti-septic, but I will reserve judgement until I have used it. And American Cream is a double-strength conditioner. It contains vanilla and smells divine!

So tell me have you tried either of these, and what are your favourite Lush products?


  1. I love Snow Fairy shower gel, gotta pick it up as its just come out for the Christmas collection!

  2. I will have to look out for that one. I haven't seen it yet. What does it smell of?


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