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Friday, October 14, 2011

Get the look - Louise Thompson Made in Chelsea

I am loving Louise Thompson's style in Made in Chelsea at the moment. It is very classic, effortless but polished. She is often seen with 60s style flicked eyes with black liquid eyeliner, and red lips. It has become her signature look.
I had a few queries to find out where some of her outfits were from after the last episode. This dress pictured above is actually from Topshop, priced £46, and it looks fab!
All pictures courtesy of 4OD
This fab jumper, which I'm sorry you can't see properly in this picture, is quite loose and flowy. It is from Zara.
And this mustard-coloured bag in episode 3 shown when they were at Jaimie's weekend retreat has been causing quite a stir.
It is in fact Louis Vuitton. A very on-trend colour, I think it is gorgeous.

 A quick message to Louise herself and a reply confirmed the make of the bag. Though I am not sure which season it is, as it is not current. I will find out and report back.

What do you think of Louise's style?


  1. were did louise get orange wedges from for jamies weekend or something similar??

  2. Not sure where she got them from, but will ask my contact and see if I can find out. x

  3. I love louises style. And her makeup that she wears. So simple but effective. Great post:)

  4. Thank you! Yes, she has got a very simple style, but it looks so good. c

  5. Couldn't believe it when I stumbled across your blog- have been trying to figure out where Louise's blue velvet wrap dress (the one she is wearing on the C4 website during a photo shoot)- what a pieces of luck! if you have any ideas let me know

    cheers :)

  6. What eyeliner and eye shadow does she use?

  7. An extremely late reply but I'm pretty sure this is the bag...

  8. Hi there, where did Louise get her black lacey see through jumper top in MIC NY tonight's episode (31st August)? x


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