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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Westfield Stratford opening only two days away

Anyone excited about the opening of the new Westfield Stratford store on Tuesday?!

I am torn between excited and apprehensive. It is right next to where I live so it is going to be a nightmare getting a train to and from work, but on the same note I will have a fab shopping centre on my doorstep whereas I had to go into central London for most of my shopping previously.

Yesterday when I was on my way home from the blogger meet I saw the sign displays outside the building which said the new Forever 21 will be opening soon.

Well anyone who has read my blog before knows it is my new shop obsession after I visited the other new store in Oxford Street.

Forever 21 in Oxford Street
So despite being apprehensive about how busy it will be I know I will be living in shopping heaven when it opens.

What are your thoughts on the new shopping centre? And will you be going to the opening?


  1. I don't know how I feel about it. I don't know a lot about there shops that will be there apart from those mentioned in the Look Show. If it's full of expensive shops, I probably won't make a trip that often as I'm a cheap skate haha. I'm waiting to see what bloggers say about it, and as it's a simple train trip away maybe I'll go to have a look at some point

  2. I despise Forever 21! I havent stepped foot in any of the store because of the brands low ethics. Designer rip offs made in sweatshops isn't my thing. Sorry it got a little heavy!!!

    On a happier note I am very happy about Westfield opening and I cant wait to see what it is like when it opens. You can never have too many places to shop :)

  3. @Emma I don't think they will all be expensive. They will have a Primark there, which is a plus as I don't have a decent sized one near me. It's worth checking out definitely.

    @Faye I didn't know that. I only heard about it and discovered it for the first time when it opened in Oxford Circus.

    Very true, The original Westfield is a bit too far for me so it will be handy having this one so close. x


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