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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: Magnetic nails by Nails Inc.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a free manicure by Nails Inc.  who had set up shop in Look magazine's Look Lounge in Westfield Stratford.
The team were showcasing Nails Inc's new magnetic nails range and offering shape and paints.

I had the choice of gold, which was quite subtle, purple, which was pretty, or silver, which stood out the most.

I opted for the silver and the manicurist proceeded to paint my nails first with a base coat, then followed by two coats of the polish.

The trick is to use the magnet provided straight away after the second polish to get the maximum effect. Apply the polish to one nail then use the magnet in the cap over your nail. Hold the lip on the cap just under your cuticle so the magnet is just over your nail. Hold it close, but don't actually touch the nail for about 10 seconds and then see the magic effects!

As my nails were a little long the manicurist had a go at some swirly designs, but you can try any effect you want - swirly, straight - have fun with it.

Finish with a topcoat and you are done. I had comments about it straightaway as I was letting it dry so I know it has gone down well. It's not obvious from the pictures but the nails look like they have holograms on and look 3D. And one person commented it looks like the design is moving on my nails. I will definitely be buying myself a bottle, and maybe even picking up the purple one as I would like to try that one out too.

What do you think of them? And have you tried them out yourself?


  1. They look really good! Will probably think about buying some myself :) xx

  2. That looks amazing! I really want to try this :-)

  3. it look's so good, will definately have to try this!

  4. Looks cool!!

  5. Emma - thank you! Had so many comments about them over the weekend. I think they are going own well and my friends say they will be trying it out.

    Elle - you totally should! I think I will try the purple one next. My friend tried it and said it looked really good.

    Sjmwell - Let me know how it looks when you try it! I want to try some different patterns with the magnet when I get it myself.

    Meekay - thank you! x


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