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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Made in Chelsea - Episode 2 Series 2

Talk about the blandest break-up in break up history. Millie asks Hugo if he has cheated. He says no. She says she thinks he is not happy and questions if he wants to be with her. He says he doesn't know, then she walks away from him. Where was the emotion people! Inject a bit of acting in here and give me drama, throw a tantrum, slap him, bawl your eyes out ANYTHING. Anyway, I was disappointed in case you couldn't tell.

He later confronts Cheska, who was the one who brought his supposed cheating to everyone's attention. She tells him she did a favour by giving him the chance to tell Millie he is NOT cheating!

And Louise conveniently gets a text from 'Rowan Atkinson-alike' Francis while in bed with Spencer and asks him if she should pursue things with him, expecting Spence to say no - he doesn't. Louise and Spencer are having a friends with benefits moment, but it seems Louise would like to turn that into a bit more. This becomes obvious later on when Spencer attempts to hook up with a baffled Binky, while Louise is fuming.

And poor Gabby is still struggling with the break-up. This becomes obvious when she announces she has written a song about her ex Ollie, and is casting a roomful of Ollie-lookalikes. Bet he will love that video when it comes out.

And you Made in Chelsea producers know just how to keep us on the edge of our seats! They bring Caggie back at the end of the show, much to Millie's delight - and lets face it the poor girl needs cheering up.

So lets look forward to next week when Caggie tells Millie she knows for definite Hugo has cheated on her, Millie throws a drink at Hugo, and Chloe is accused by Gabby of giving her attitude.

How was it for you?

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