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Monday, September 19, 2011

Made in Chelsea - Episode 1 Series 2

So the posh lot are back. How was it for you? I will admit I am a massive fan, and have been looking forward to it since the last series finished on a cliffhanger.

Caggie Dunlop left for New York and Spencer was left heartbroken, but in this episode it looks like he has gotten over that and has moved on to new girl - and his ex - Louise for an offer of friends with benefits. Wouldn't Caggie be pleased? But don't you worry - the preview for next week showed that Caggie is back to comfort Millie, so I am sure there will be more Spaggie drama then.

And are you liking Spencer's new look?! Is it me or did he look hot? Up until he spoke that is. Didn't like the reject boyband look at the beginning, but he was back to his usual shirts after that. And he has done well to lose the greasy, slicked back hair. 

Hugo Taylor is the one I have always liked out of the boys because his morals are very black and white and he seemed know how to treat a lady. In the last series he was constantly telling Spencer off for the appalling way he treated Funda Onal and Caggie. So I was disappointed to see that he was being less than gentlemanly in this episode towards Millie Mackintosh. He was very flirty with Victoria, and compared girls to cakes. My man is definitely a cake with a cherry on top - and unless Hugo feels that way about Millie it's time to go back to the bakery.

Millie tells friend Rosie Fortescue she feels Hugo is treating his other female friends better than her - and too right! At Spencer's birthday bash he is happily chatting and flirting with new girl Victoria, until Millie comes, and then there is awkwardness. Poor Millie leaves the flirty couple to talk the night away.

Chloe Green the other new girl came across very sweet. Daughter of Topshop billionaire Phillip Green she is the character who has been the most hyped for this series. There was more in her body language than what she said because she did come across as quite quiet. But her and Ollie seemed very genuine in their scenes together. They look absolutely loved up! And it was very telling when towards the end when he professed his love for her she told him to be completely honest with him and they would be fine. A sign she doesn't completely trust the situation with him and Gabriella or just doesn't want to get hurt?

Meanwhile, as much as I like Gabriella she came across as a woman scorned tonight. Woman - just let it go - he has moved on! She is obviously not over the break-up but wearing the same dress Chloe wore to a premiere is probably not the best way to get back at Ollie.

Ps. I LOVE Binky an Cheska! Probably my two favourite characters in this series by far. 

Anyway, that is my quick overview. What did you think of it and what did you think of the new characters? Who are your favourite characters? Let me know!


  1. I love Made in Chelsea - not sure about the new characters yet but it seems just as good as the last series already!

  2. It does seem quite good this time around, probably because we know most of the characters and the back stories already.

    Who is your favourite so far? I don't think I am too fond of all the new characters. But Victoria seems nice the way she stuck up for Millie and told Hugo to treat her right.

  3. You know what, I've always been intrigued by TOWIE and Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore... my boyfriend and I did watch the Magaluf Madness episodes, haha!

    x Michelle |

  4. I never watched the Magaluf ones! Were they any good?! I caught bits of the original Geordie Shore, but not really my thing. Think it is a bit too 'real' or maybe too crude for me. I'm looking forward to the return of TOWIE though, especially after the preview show last night. Did either of you catch it?

  5. I love this show and met Rosie and Amber recently - Rosie is lovely and soo pretty in real life :)

  6. Faye - I can imagine! They do both look naturally pretty and I like their style. x


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