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Sunday, September 11, 2011

London Blogger Meet

I went to my first blogger meet up today in central London. About 20 of us met up near Lancaster Gate and had a girlie gossip, drinks and yummy cupcakes! It was a fantastic turnout and a chance for us to meet like-minded people, try new products and talk about our interest in blogging.

I will start by doing an outfit post - something I have never done before, but here goes.

My lovely fiance took these pics of me in my front garden for me.

Dress Apricot, Shrug New Look, leggings Dorothy Perkins, Shoes Faith, Bag DKNY, Necklace and earrings Dorothy Perkins, bangles an independent shop in East Ham.

The meeting was organised by the lovely Emma from The Daisy Chain blog. She arranged for us to meet at the Mitre pub not too far from the station.

When inside a few of us prepared some lovely goodie bags for the others. Niki from Hero and Cape made these fab bags especially for the meet up - and isn't the design great?!

We had some VitaminWater courtesy of Lauren and some fab products from Lush which Laura had organised. These included their newest range - It's Raining Men and the new toothy tablets, which I will test out in a separate post.

We also got sent some jewellery courtesy of Sarah from Temporary Secretary. Her jewellery is kitsch and handmade so you know you won't be able to find anything like it anywhere else.

 This gold and black locket is my favourite and is so me. I will definitely be wearing this one. (apologies for blurry photo!)

I loved these star earrings! And the metal is heavier than I thought it would be. 

And how cute is this camera ring! I have included a picture from the website below so you can see a close-up of it.

Fashion Union also gave us each one of these fab necklaces. I will wear it in another post so you can see what it looks like properly.

And on top of that me, Jaymie and Emma made these cupcakes so it was a major sugar rush!

The green ones are Emma's, the coloured ones are Jaymie's and the chocolate and icing ones are mine.

Emma from Frank PR, which represents a number of brands including Long, Tall Sally and Pinkberry came to talk to us about the company and their brands. The best bit was that we got to try Pinkberry's new designer collection especially for fashion week!

And boy did we tuck in! Here is a picture taken by the lovely Emma of us all tucking in. Yum!

I opted for the Henry, named after designer Henry Holland, which had watermelon, strawberry, pineapple and fruity pebbles.

Other flavours were the Anna, named after Anna Wintour, with coconut, mango, strawberry and cap'n crunch,

and the Karl, after Karl Lagerfeld, with vanilla with blueberries. Mine was so yummy, and those who tried the others said how much they also liked theirs and noted how filling they were. It was my first time trying Pinkberry and I would definitely recommend it.

After this we all had drinks and a good girly chat about blogging experiences, blogging ethics, and London Fashion Week.

As I have only been blogging properly for about three months it was good to meet others to talk about their blogs and what events they have been to.

Thanks to Emma for letting me use this picture.

A special thank you to Emma for organising the event - which I hope is the first of many! And as I didn't take loads of group photos I will be adding some more to this later when I can get some from the other bloggers.

Safira x


  1. I hope you had a great time on Saturday Safira! Thats a lovely picture of you girls at the end!

  2. The necklace you got from TempSec is really nice! Very jealous haha :) Wasn't the PinkBerry lovely? I'm going to have some more if I ever see it again :)
    Hopefully there will be another meet sooooooooon!

  3. Thank you! Yes, had a fab time, it was good fun. The bags were lovely. Really loved them!

    @Emma I really liked the necklace because it is something I would wear anyway. LOVED the Pinkberry! I wanted to try the others but was so full up. If I venture into Selfridges will definitely try the others.
    We defo need to meet up again! x


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