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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bag a bargain with SalesGossip

Hands up who likes a good bargain? How about 70% off shoes at Aldo? Or 50% off at Armani?

Yes, I thought so. Well if you are like me and love a good bargain, because lets face it we can't all afford to pay full price to look our best, you will love this new website.

Last week I discovered SalesGossip which posts updates about when shops are having sales. The good thing about it is you can search by location, shops, womens/menswear, and types of clothes.

The site also tells you when sales are running until, which is handy because I usually panic buy not knowing when a sale is going to finish and realise it is running for a while.

You can sign up for email or text updates so you are first in the queue!

Check out the site and tell me what you think.


  1. This sounds like a fab concept! I've just signed up, so I'll see how it works out. Who doesn't love a bargain?!

  2. This sounds like a great opportunity to find good bargains! I've already signed up!

  3. I've been a member for a while now and shop according to the stores featured on SG. It has truly become my fashion bible. Great website which is so easy to navigate. Wonderful concept!

  4. Ooohh... thanx Safira! Great find. Wish I had known about Salesgossip earlier. Will deffo check it out since me and my girls all <3 shopping!!

  5. Sales Gossip is the best, been a member of SG for quite a few months now and have been able to pick up many bargains - at the START of the sale when I can pick up the best items in my size. Gone are those days when I find out about a sale 1 day before it ends and end up rummaging through the leftovers and be sorely disappointed with lack of choice and size!
    I love SG!

  6. Elle - it does sound good right?! I had a look at a few of the links, and they are places that I would shop at, so will definitely look at what offers they have for the next time I go shopping. x

    Matt - Good! I am signing up too! Let me know how your bargain hunting goes an if you get any good finds.

    Olivia - How are you finding it? What sales have you found on there/ what discounts have you got?

    Anne - ha ha! Sorry! Wish I had known earlier too, but only just discovered it - at least it is before Christmas, if that helps! x

    Ange - I agree. It is quite useful for that. The good thing is you know when it is until - which is useful if payday is after sale starts. What discounts have you got through it? x

  7. Great that you picked up on this, Miss Stylicious! I love SalesGossip, particularly getting text message alerts from them. Nothing like getting notice of a flash sale in the middle of a working day just when you think you need a break from it all and possibly a new pair of Kurt Geiger shoes! Well, I do work close to Regent's Street, which helps... Also the range of sales/stores/styles they gather is just wonderful. I personally like to move between a series of fashion genres, never sticking to just one.

    I think the whole thing is extremely clever...

    Happy shopping!

  8. Prabha - I like your thinking! Definitely will see what is available in my lunch hour before I go shopping. And I wish I worked near Regent Street - or maybe it's a good thing. Not sure you would get me out of the shops.

  9. Safira, I've landed bargains at Diesel, I think that was a while back. Some home stuff from Cologne and Cotton. The other week hubby (yeah, he's getting in on the action as well!)got a suit from Austin Reed plus some shirts. Stocked up on gym gear at Sweaty Betty (not that I've used them often. I'm not in London all the time, so with a lot of the sales I can shop online too which is great, because then I pick them up when I'm back in town, or some fabulous stores even deliver to continental Europe. I can't justify buying anything at full price anymore.

  10. Olivia, I have just been looking through and they seem to have a lot og good online sales. I just spotted 40% off Jimmy Choo - I mean really how can anyone turn down a massive discount on designers shoes?! And £15 off some Bodyshop products. Looks like you picked up some good bargains too! Think I will have to have a good root around for some more ones too!

  11. wow this is brill Safira thanks for the headsup :)x

  12. Becky J - no problem :) Let me know if you find anything good. x


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