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Friday, September 30, 2011

Yogo Ego latest releases

I have heard a lot about Yogo Ego but never seen there website before. The women's clothes, shoes and accessories website stocks quite a few brands - everything from Diesel to Rock & Republic.


I received some images of some of their latest outfits that will be available soon. My favourite has to be this dusky pink coat. I love the colour of it! The couble-breasted coat costs £45 and is Yogo Ego's own brand.
Next up was this gorgeous ruffle red dress from Jarlo Trudy. It costs £55. I'm loving the colour and cut of it, and how they have styled it with a thin gold belt.

I also liked this Lipsy strapless bandage look dress in cream and black, which is perfect for the party season. This costs £60.

And lastly I like the colour of this top, although I wouldn't necessarily wear it myself. It is a Wildfox flower power baggy sweat top costing £90.

What do you think of the new clothes? And do you like the site yourself?

Harrods Chanel windows

It took me a while to go see the Chanel windows in Harrods, but I managed it just before they finished.

Harrods devoted the entire length of its building on Brompton Road to a single fashion designer for the first time.

There were 23 windows (yes I counted) devoted to Chanel's A/W collection.

There were wolves in Chanel outfits, owls, deers, unicorns, and they gave the sense of an enchanted forest. Just looking at it made me feel wintery.

The displays were up for three weeks, and are estimated to have cost a whopping £4 million.

Did you go to see the windows? And what did you think of them?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

London Fashion Weekend review

Last week I went to London Fashion Weekend and had a fab time shopping and looking around Somerset House.The highlight of the event was a catwalk show, which I thought was amazing and was hosted by Grace Woodward.

The first look was from Jaeger. I didn't want to bombard you with images so I have put my favourite three below.

The collection had plenty of tweeds and warm fabrics perfect for autumn and winter. I loved their ginger orange colours and mustard yellows. They also had a mustard jacket, which I didn't get a very good picture of, but it looked fab. Do any of these take your fancy?

Next up were styles from a mixture of designers. I love the cape and the bows in these pictures.
Picture 1 - Jacket and dress by Bolongaro Trevor, jersey top by Hartford, cloche hat by Christies.
Picture 2 - Shirt by Hartford, sweater by Bolongaro Trevor, skirt by Alice and Olivia, bow from Topshop
Picture 3 - Cape by Lungta De  Fancy, skirt by Alice and Olivia.

Next up was Bryce Aime, which as you can see here was very different. The look was very geometric with muted tones. Thick tights were patterned, jackets were fitted and sharp, the end outfit was very structured and Gaga-like.

And finally this collection by Osman was probably my favourite because it is the closest to what I would personally wear. I loved the colours and the way they had been used. Quite a few of the dresses had a similar design to the first cream dress with the purple pattern, but in different colours. I love the structure of the black jacket and the combination of the fitted top with the wide palazzo trousers. But my favourite is the black and pink dress. I love the shade of pink and how it has been used in this dress.

There were a micture of greens, pinks, and oranges throughout the collection with wide trousers, fitted tops and cape jackets.

I also did some shopping too. There were so many fab designers with massive reductions. I would recommend going to the next one if you have the chance.

I bought this fab black cape, which can be worn either over the shoulders, or over the chest - which I think looks more funky.

The same can be done with this fab rose, flower collar. I prefer it as a collar rather than a cape. Both are from

I also bought some fab jewellery! I love all these pieces and you can never have too much jewellery.

The silver ring is from Karen Millen, while the other pieces are from Louise May Bury.

Amd last up is the show goodie bag, which was a bit of a dissappointment to be honest considering we had to pay towards it, but there is a Diet Coke bottle designed by Karl Lagerfeld, and a £25 Jaeger voucher, so not all bad.

Nails Inc holographic nails

I don't know about you but I NEED this in my life.

It's fair to say that Nails Inc has done it again and come up with another varnish I need to add to my Christmas presents list.

This little beauty, as it says in the picture is £12 and iscalled Electric Lane. Appropriate me thinks.

Preview: Bags of Sparkle

Today I came across this fab website which I have never heard of before.

I am like a magpie when it comes to jewellery and there are so many little delights on Bags of Sparkle!

All of the above are between £10 and £35, so I think they are quite reasonable for what you get. My favourite is the blue stone bangle for £18.

Have you shopped here before? And what do you think of it?

Primark's winter campaign

Fancy getting your mitts on some winter warmers? Well, Primark has released images of the winter range, and let me tell you - it's a beauty!

Ltd 30s bed jacket £23, Ltd mermaid blouse £17, Ltd chain crepe shorts £17 all in store mid Oct
The first thing I noticed was that the colours are quite muted, none of the jewel tones and bright colours I featured in the autumn preview last month.

Limited Edition mermaid blouse £17, Limited Edition mermaid palazzos £19, both in store mid Oct

There's dresses, palazzo pants, and skirts to feast your eyes on. Most of these are available from mid-October onwards.

Coloured fur coat £30 mid Sept, Hammered satin playsuit £15 end Oct, Pony frame Clutch £7 end Oct

Take a look and tell me what you think of them below.
DB floor length coat £50 beg Oct, Pleat sleeve pussy bow £12 end Sept

Satin revere collar blouse £10 end Sept, Trousers £16 mid Sept, Fringe boots

Temperley sample sale

Are you a fan of Temperley London? Well if you are you are in for a treat.

The brand is holding a sample sale intil 7pm today and from 9am to 7pm tomorrow. There will be discounted clothing and accessoriea for women and expect plenty of the designer's beaded evening wear and chunky knits perfect for winter.

The sale will be at 20th Century Theatre, 291 Westbourne Grove, W11 2QA.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Made in Chelsea - Episode 2 Series 2

Talk about the blandest break-up in break up history. Millie asks Hugo if he has cheated. He says no. She says she thinks he is not happy and questions if he wants to be with her. He says he doesn't know, then she walks away from him. Where was the emotion people! Inject a bit of acting in here and give me drama, throw a tantrum, slap him, bawl your eyes out ANYTHING. Anyway, I was disappointed in case you couldn't tell.

He later confronts Cheska, who was the one who brought his supposed cheating to everyone's attention. She tells him she did a favour by giving him the chance to tell Millie he is NOT cheating!

And Louise conveniently gets a text from 'Rowan Atkinson-alike' Francis while in bed with Spencer and asks him if she should pursue things with him, expecting Spence to say no - he doesn't. Louise and Spencer are having a friends with benefits moment, but it seems Louise would like to turn that into a bit more. This becomes obvious later on when Spencer attempts to hook up with a baffled Binky, while Louise is fuming.

And poor Gabby is still struggling with the break-up. This becomes obvious when she announces she has written a song about her ex Ollie, and is casting a roomful of Ollie-lookalikes. Bet he will love that video when it comes out.

And you Made in Chelsea producers know just how to keep us on the edge of our seats! They bring Caggie back at the end of the show, much to Millie's delight - and lets face it the poor girl needs cheering up.

So lets look forward to next week when Caggie tells Millie she knows for definite Hugo has cheated on her, Millie throws a drink at Hugo, and Chloe is accused by Gabby of giving her attitude.

How was it for you?

IFB Project #14 DIY - red bead bracelet

I LOVE red! I am so obsessed with it at the moment I am using it everywhere - red dresses, red earrings, red nails and red lips.

I thought I would make myself a red bracelet/necklace as part of the IFB project as seen here.

I made this creation using different shades of red beads I bought during a shopping trip in a bead shop in Cumbria.

I made this using matte red beads, and different shades of ruby red, through to orange and white. I have also added a few Swarovskis and a few imitation Swarovskis, which I thought looked just as good as the real thing.

I like this because I can wear it wrapped around my wrist as a bracelet, but also twisted as a necklace.

You would need:
a selection of red beads;
Bead needle (this is long and thin like nylon thread)
Nylon thread (it is stronger than normal thread.)

What do you think of it? And which look do you prefer?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marie Claire - Inspire and Mentor

Earlier this week I went to Marie Claire HQ for an Inspire and Mentor event. The magazine holds a number of sessions throughout the year to inspire people to follow their dreams. This particular session was about how to become a beauty journalist, work in beauty PR and how to become a make-up artist.

Firstly we were treated to drinks and nibbles while overlooking London - not a bad way to start off! Then we were led to a plush seminar room similar to a mini cinema. Lisa Oxenham, beauty and style director at Marie Claire got the ball rolling by telling us about her job and how she started her career. She said there was no typical route into beauty journalism. She studied history of art in Manchester, did a number of work placements then went into beauty writing before going into beauty PR. She went back to writing after being offered a job at More magazine, then moved to Instyle, before getting her job at Marie Claire, where she has been for four years.

Her tips were:
* To be prepared to work for free. Because there is so much competition you have to be known and get your face known with PRs and journalists.
*Live, breathe and sleep beauty. Follow beauty experts and journalists - especially on Twitter, know the companies and models.
*Go to department stores and the counters to investigate the new products and get excited about them. Understand the technology behind the products.
*Build up your profile. Now you have the benefit of starting your own mini magazine, website or blog and you can tweet your beauty tips. She added that she wants to see that you have the passion to do the job and you can show that by creating your own little world.
*Beauty is a broad subject - find your niche within it. If you are interested in health and well-being within beauty pursue that. Find something no-one else is doing at the moment.

Second up was Anna Rozelaar, communications manager at Estee Lauder.
She worked on a school radio and found her interest in PR when she had to market the radio and create interest in order to get advertising. Her work got her noticed by TV stations and newspapers who did a story about her and her friends setting up the radio.
After a series of internships she worked for a beauty agency and had the chance to work on many brands, but didn't get to know one brand completely. She realised she wanted to work for one brand and know it inside out. She is now responsible for brand launches, pitching stories to beauty editors, and managing a team of five PRs.

Her advice was:
*To be well read. You can never know enough about beauty. She said she needs to know what the trends are and what the competition is doing - sometimes to stay ahead of the game, but also if there is a common element another company is doing she can pitch it as a trend to beauty editors.
*Make sure you are passionate about it. People can see through you if you are not really believing what you are saying or are not passionate about the brand.

Next up was Alan Pan, global make-up artist for Estee Lauder. This guy cracked me up so much, he was hilarious! He cracked so many jokes he had the room in stitches.
But then he got onto the serious business about his life story and how he had a bad skin condition while growing up. His parents spent a lot of money to help him feel good about himself. After he had treatment he decided to use this as a career and help others feel better about themselves by looking good. He worked for free as an intern for a make-up artist before working his way up the make-up industry to be at the top of his game for Estee Lauder.

This was one fabulous session an was attended by people who fell into one of three of these categories. There was a good Q&A at the end where people asked about the best route for their chosen career and about their own backgrounds.

I would thoroughly recommend attending one of these sessions the next time they come around. If you attended one let me know what you thought of it and if you found any of these tips helpful.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Made in Chelsea - Episode 1 Series 2

So the posh lot are back. How was it for you? I will admit I am a massive fan, and have been looking forward to it since the last series finished on a cliffhanger.

Caggie Dunlop left for New York and Spencer was left heartbroken, but in this episode it looks like he has gotten over that and has moved on to new girl - and his ex - Louise for an offer of friends with benefits. Wouldn't Caggie be pleased? But don't you worry - the preview for next week showed that Caggie is back to comfort Millie, so I am sure there will be more Spaggie drama then.

And are you liking Spencer's new look?! Is it me or did he look hot? Up until he spoke that is. Didn't like the reject boyband look at the beginning, but he was back to his usual shirts after that. And he has done well to lose the greasy, slicked back hair. 

Hugo Taylor is the one I have always liked out of the boys because his morals are very black and white and he seemed know how to treat a lady. In the last series he was constantly telling Spencer off for the appalling way he treated Funda Onal and Caggie. So I was disappointed to see that he was being less than gentlemanly in this episode towards Millie Mackintosh. He was very flirty with Victoria, and compared girls to cakes. My man is definitely a cake with a cherry on top - and unless Hugo feels that way about Millie it's time to go back to the bakery.

Millie tells friend Rosie Fortescue she feels Hugo is treating his other female friends better than her - and too right! At Spencer's birthday bash he is happily chatting and flirting with new girl Victoria, until Millie comes, and then there is awkwardness. Poor Millie leaves the flirty couple to talk the night away.

Chloe Green the other new girl came across very sweet. Daughter of Topshop billionaire Phillip Green she is the character who has been the most hyped for this series. There was more in her body language than what she said because she did come across as quite quiet. But her and Ollie seemed very genuine in their scenes together. They look absolutely loved up! And it was very telling when towards the end when he professed his love for her she told him to be completely honest with him and they would be fine. A sign she doesn't completely trust the situation with him and Gabriella or just doesn't want to get hurt?

Meanwhile, as much as I like Gabriella she came across as a woman scorned tonight. Woman - just let it go - he has moved on! She is obviously not over the break-up but wearing the same dress Chloe wore to a premiere is probably not the best way to get back at Ollie.

Ps. I LOVE Binky an Cheska! Probably my two favourite characters in this series by far. 

Anyway, that is my quick overview. What did you think of it and what did you think of the new characters? Who are your favourite characters? Let me know!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bag a bargain with SalesGossip

Hands up who likes a good bargain? How about 70% off shoes at Aldo? Or 50% off at Armani?

Yes, I thought so. Well if you are like me and love a good bargain, because lets face it we can't all afford to pay full price to look our best, you will love this new website.

Last week I discovered SalesGossip which posts updates about when shops are having sales. The good thing about it is you can search by location, shops, womens/menswear, and types of clothes.

The site also tells you when sales are running until, which is handy because I usually panic buy not knowing when a sale is going to finish and realise it is running for a while.

You can sign up for email or text updates so you are first in the queue!

Check out the site and tell me what you think.

Review: Magnetic nails by Nails Inc.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a free manicure by Nails Inc.  who had set up shop in Look magazine's Look Lounge in Westfield Stratford.
The team were showcasing Nails Inc's new magnetic nails range and offering shape and paints.

I had the choice of gold, which was quite subtle, purple, which was pretty, or silver, which stood out the most.

I opted for the silver and the manicurist proceeded to paint my nails first with a base coat, then followed by two coats of the polish.

The trick is to use the magnet provided straight away after the second polish to get the maximum effect. Apply the polish to one nail then use the magnet in the cap over your nail. Hold the lip on the cap just under your cuticle so the magnet is just over your nail. Hold it close, but don't actually touch the nail for about 10 seconds and then see the magic effects!

As my nails were a little long the manicurist had a go at some swirly designs, but you can try any effect you want - swirly, straight - have fun with it.

Finish with a topcoat and you are done. I had comments about it straightaway as I was letting it dry so I know it has gone down well. It's not obvious from the pictures but the nails look like they have holograms on and look 3D. And one person commented it looks like the design is moving on my nails. I will definitely be buying myself a bottle, and maybe even picking up the purple one as I would like to try that one out too.

What do you think of them? And have you tried them out yourself?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rimmel lipsticks by Kate Moss

Last night was the official launch of Kate Moss's lipstick range with Rimmel.

They have been launched to coincide with London Fashion Week and were available exclusively to Boots from last week before being opened up nationwide.

I bought three of the shades from Boots Westfield the other day and tried them out.
The cosmetics were on offer three for two so it was a chance to try out an extra colour I wouldn't normally try for free. I got shades 03, 05 and 08.

My verdict is that the colours are amazing and very wearable. They glide on smoothly and hydrate the lips, BUT they come off just as quickly. They don't have enough staying power to last an afternoon.
Do try them, but do expect to touch them up during the day.

Una Healy to be a mummy!

The Saturdays' official website broke the news this morning that Una Healy and her rugby boyfriend Ben Foden are expecting their first baby!

She broke the good news to her parents first in County Tipperary on Wednesday and the other Saturdays said they are thrilled with the news.

Can't wait to see what maternity wear she comes out with - she will look fab!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Westfield Stratford opening

Stratford is my local shopping centre and I live five minutes away from it, so it is where I have always done my local shopping. The problem has always been there is nowhere in east London that is open past 5.30pm on a weekday apart from late-night shopping on a Thursday, which meant I had to do my shopping on a weekend – difficult as I always have plans – or cram it in my lunch hour. 

And having said that the choice of shops in Stratford centre left a lot to be desired. There is still a decent sized New Look, but a tiny Dorothy Perkins, and some bargain clothes shops. Not much choice unless you go to nearby Ilford, or travel into central London. 

Now we have Westfield on our doorstep and I will tell you what – it has been a long time coming. Quite a few comments coming through on the opening day described Stratford as a wasteland, and questioned why anyone would put a shopping centre there, but the truth is where else would you put it? It is on the Central line, and on the doorstep of the Olympics. A £1.5bn shopping centre has meant there has been tonnes of much-needed investment in east London because of it.. 

I went there opening night and it was packed full of excited people having a look around. Many have said you wouldn't know there was a recession with the amount of people who flocked in. Maybe - but one noticeable point was that people were looking around. Not that many had shopping bags, on the first day at least. 

The shopping centre is markedly different to the Westfield centre because it doesn't have a lot of high-end shops, but to be honest the few that were there people were steering clear of and were empty apart from the staff there. Places like Primark were packed and so was Forever 21. I heard one girl say "finally, this is something I can afford," which shows there is a good range of shops in Westfield.

There are also a good range of restaurants on the top floor and some fast food restaurants on the lower ground floor, with a Vue cinema, a bowling alley and a casino due to open in December - so something for everyone and definitely a centre I will be visiting often.
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