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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Product review - Maybelline gel eyeliner

I am a big fan of eyeliners and especially liquid and gel eyeliners. When Maybelline announced they had brought out this little pot I just had to try it out.

The tub comes with a brush, which is handy. It is wide but thin so it can be used it to make both thick or thin lines depending on your preference.

The actual gel is not too soft, which is a bonus. You don't want excess gel all over your eye, and you can build up the consistency as you go along.

I have been wearing this for almost two weeks now to try out what it was like. And I love it! I didn't expect to, but it is very wearable.

Maybelline promises it has 24 hours staying power - I knew this was a big claim to make and as I expected it doesn't go the distance. It does wear off as the day goes by, but that doesn't put me off because it probably lasts as long as any of my other eyeliners.

And although the line on the bottom lid does wear away quicker, the top lash line stays put for pretty much most of the day.

The brush is perfect for building up the intensity of the colour. For day wear I tend to wear it with a thin line of colour - on both the top and bottom lid - something I wouldn't usually do with my other liquid or gel liners.

For evening wear I make the top line thicker, and much darker. It really does make a difference and looks so good!

And the brush does as Maybelline promises - it makes doing flicks on the ends of the eyes so much easier! I have always been a dab hand at doing this because I practised. But I find with the brush - probably because it is so long and easy to use - makes it so much easier.

So my recommendation would be try this out if you haven't already, especially if you like dramatic eyes.

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