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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preview: First look at AugA - a new jewellery collaboration

Today I went into central London to have a first-hand preview of a new collaboration between two up and coming jewellery designers.

It saw university friends Ellen Monaghan and Rebecca Steiner teaming up five years after they graduated for the collaboration called AugA. The name is a clever combination of the chemical symbols for gold and silver.

The collection saw contemporary pieces of jewellery hand-crafted from gold, silver and gemstones.

Some of them were quite unique like some cuff links I saw with twisted metal and black onyx. It was cleverly put together.

There were some intricate pieces that were absolutely stunning. Both of these designers are absolutely talented producing a stunning collection. And others are starting to take notice. Rebecca has had her work featured in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and looking at this collection I can see why.

This piece was one of my favourites in the preview. It is bead heavy but totally wearable. I love the different mix of colours and the gold design at the end of the chain is a common theme throughout the collection.

You can see what I mean with these black earrings. They have a similar design and are hollow. The earrings could easily be worn as a statement piece with your hair pinned up to show them off.

Here is the design again but this time in rings. Even if you wore no other jewellery this would stand out as a cocktail ring because of the size, design and colour.

And how fab is this silver bangle! It is delicate but could easily be worn everyday.

And lastly from my photos today are these hand-made rings. They continue the theme from the designs before. I can see someone with a boho look rocking these. I quite like the one on the right as a thumb ring.
Here are some designs from their Facebook page. I LOVE this gold pendant. How gorgeous is it? I would wear this over a plain t-shirt or a black dress. Beautiful.
And I love the jewel colours in this ring. The green especially is a nice tone.

And here is one of their chunkier rings in the collection, I imagine this is for a man. If you want an unusual piece you wouldn't be able to get in a mainstream shop this would be ideal

If you would like to see the collection it is at Craft Central, Farringon, until Saturday.

You can find the designers at:

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